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Ninh Binh is such a fascinating place in which besides the inspiring and stunning scenery, you can easily access to the most laid-back and serenely rural and authentic scenes of Vietnam. This place was even used for filming the famous movie “Kong: Skull island” thanks to its naturally majestic beauty. There are plenty of information in the internet that may confuse you in your preparation for a travel to Ninh Binh. But there’s nothing to worry about! This fascinating Ninh Binh travel guide has everything you need to plan your trip to one of the most wonderful places in Vietnam. Keep reading!

Comprising three different types of landscapes: wetlands, coastal delta, hills and mountains, Ninh Binh offers tourists many fastinating attractions. In addition, Ninh Binh is endowed with numerous historical relics as well as fascinating places which have been well-known inside and outside Vietnam. Ninh Binh is such a charming land of myth and unique landscapes to travel. 

Ninh Binh in February to April

According to lunar calendar, from January to March, which means from February to April, Ninh Binh offers the best temperature of the spring. Ninh Binh is neither too cold nor too hot. This new year time is the most suitable time to visit the historical sites and spiritual spots. There are also many traditional festivals in this time such as Bai Dinh Pagoda festival or Hoa Lu festival. Sounds interesting?

Ninh Binh in ripened rice season in May and June

Ninh Binh is a rare place where long-standing rice cultivation still maintains. Among best places to visit in Vietnam in May, this is a fascinatingly must-visit place where the bright green paddies turn yellow gradually. Only planted in a fifth-month crop, rice plant here is ripened quickly especially in late May and June.

Especially in June, it is the lotus season, which is the national flowers. They are blooming charmingly everywhere in Ninh Binh creating the landscape more primitive and pristine.

Ninh Binh in September to November

But most of all, autumn is probably the most beautiful season, when Ninh Binh is deep in turquoise carpet. Sometimes, tourists can catch a few spotted pink lotus flowers luring in the mist. Together with still many golden rice fields in September, they create a very romantic and poetic scene for Ninh Binh travellers to enjoy during the trip.

Do you find this travel guide detailed enough to warm up a little bit before your Ninh Binh trip? If you are excited and ready, don’t you wait anymore, let Vietnam Typical Tours help you create the most fascinating trip to Ninh Binh you could ever have!

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