Moc Chau - Spectacular Plateau in the Northwest Mountainous Region

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Moc Chau (Mộc Châu) is a big plateau in Son La province. It is well-known for poetic landscapes with endless grass fields, huge gardens of plum and apricot trees and various flowers, immense tea plantations and large herds of milk cows.

Moc Chau - Spectacular Plateau in the Northwest Mountainous Region
Photo by Hinh Loi Phong
Moc Chau Plateau lies in a temperate climate region, with average summer temperatures of 20°C, covers an area of 1,600 hectares of prairie, where visitors feel at ease and close to nature when viewing farms of tea trees, paddy fields and vast areas of grass. It is considered as the Da Lat of the North and very attractive to those who want enjoying the cool and natural fresh air.

Tourist attractions:

Ba Phach village (bản Ba Phách): The road leading to Ba Phach village is a bit rough, especially in rainy season. However, in spring, the 2 sides of the road are covered with pink cherry blossom.

Pa Kha (bản Pà Khà) and Long Luong (bản Lóng Luông) villages of H’Mong ethnic group are near route 6. On the way from Hanoi to Moc Chau, you will pass these villages. There are stunning plum gardens in the two villages.

Ngu Dong in On village (Ngũ Động bản Ôn) is a forest with many caves. To explore the forest, you will have to find a place to park your motorbike and trek in the forest for about 3km before arriving at any cave. On the way to Ngu Dong, you should visit the heart-shaped tea hill. This is an ideal place for taking photos.

Dai Yem waterfall (Thác Dải Yếm) is on the way to Song Lap border gate. The waterfall is very beautiful, particularly in rain season.

Moc Chau - Spectacular Plateau in the Northwest Mountainous Region 1
Photo by Trần Trung Kiên
The beauty of Moc Chau Plateau in different flower seasons

Moc Chau is known as a mountainous terrain area with many hills and meadows. Each season in the year, Moc Chau is like wearing different coats. Those coats are made by different types of flowers. Each season has a special type of flower. 

Plum flowers in January and February

Coming to Moc Chau in January and February, which close to Tet, you will admire Pure white plum blossoming forests. White plum blossoms are abundant in the northwestern mountains, but the plum blossoms of Moc Chau have their own beauty. On the harsh old plum tree barks, plum flowers can grow and bring beautiful flower buds to show off for people. How amazing they are!

Sakura flower in February

After two weeks with the white color of plum flowers, peach flowers start showing up in Moc Chau fields. Peach flowers often last 2- 3 weeks before forming fruit. To enjoy the most beautiful peach blossoms, tourists should go to Long Luong village, a Mong people village on Highway 6.

Ban flowers and Do Quyen flowers in March and April

In March and April, when plum and peach flowers are no longer available, it is time for Ban flowers show up and brighten up surroundings. Moc Chau is known as a place that has the most beautiful Ban flowers, this type of flowers is associated with ethnic people life and their cultural identity. Lying between the flowers are beautiful houses with kitchen roofs of smoking, we are easy to smell the tasty of sticky rice cooked somewhere

Moc Chau - Spectacular Plateau in the Northwest Mountainous Region 2
Photo by tuandn0105
Tam Giac Mach flowers season in September

From the end of September, Tam Giác Mach flowers spread over in Moc Chau plateau, creating a beautiful scenery alternating green tea hills, blue sky. All those things make tourists get excited to come to Moc Chau

Da Quy flowers (Wild sunflowers) in November

Da Quy is a kind of wild flowers. Da Quy has its own beauty, adorn beautiful Moc Chau. Da Quy flowers season often begin from early October to the end of November

Cauliflower in November and December

If you choose to come to Moc Chau in the winter, it is a perfect choice. Cauliflowers often bloom in early winter, from November to December. Tourists are easy to catch images of large cauliflowers fields showing off their beauty. A picture of beautiful and romantic plateau with some corners covered by thin cloud layers appears in front of you, you must be fall in love with it. 

This wonderful plateau still remains an unspoiled, gentle beauty with visitors throughout four seasons. In the past, when mentioning to Moc Chau, people think about green tea hills and large dairy farms, but now Moc Chau is also known as a desirable destination for tourists, especially young people. Let’s go with Vietnam Typical Tours to take part in the Moc Chau itinerary to enjoy unforgettable moments.

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