Hoai River - another symbol of Hoi An, Vietnam

Nga Do
Hoai River is a tributary of the Thu Bon River running through Hoi An. It is considered a symbol of the old town. The peaceful little river is also associated with the livelihoods of many local residents.

Hoai River - another symbol of Hoi An, Vietnam
Photo by nguyenkhacqui
If you are ever lucky enough to come across the Hoai River in Hoi An you should then enjoy the pleasure of floating down the river of remembrance. The small river running through the ancient town not only brings cool water steams but also sets up a stunning and poetic landscape.

Located in Hoi An, Hoai River pertains deeply to this old town. When coming to Hoi An, most tourists are very excited about being on boats and going with the flow of the river to slowly contemplate the old town. Unlike other places, people do not use engines for the boats, instead they utilize the most traditional way – rowing. It makes the tourists feel the authenticity and the simplicity around this place more profoundly.

An attractive characteristic of all boats here is that they are not equipped motors so you can feel a truly ancient, simple and close town when the local ferrymen slowly move their paddles forward. Not only admire the ancient beauty of Hoi An, travellers will also hear interesting daily stories from hospitable ferryman. The pleasant sound of the paddles when it hit the water in a peaceful space will make your impression about Hoi An more beautiful

If given the chance to participate Hoi An tour, try to get on a boat on Hoai River in the evening, especially in lantern night and remember to buy a small lantern light then release it on to the water. The color lights from houses, restaurants and lantern lights make the river sparkling as a fairy tale

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