Dalat - the only city in Vietnam without traffic lights

Nga Do
'You have only seen half of Vietnam's scenery if you haven’t visited Da Lat.'

Da Lat, the gorgeous city in the Central Highlands, is not just an ideal place for tourists and honey-mooners with eternal springs and a world of flowers. The city is more than just that as it holds treasures you can't find anywhere else in Vietnam.

"You have only seen half of Vietnam's scenery if you haven’t visited Da Lat," that's what tourists say once they put their feet in the city.

The only city in Vietnam without traffic lights

Hanoi or Saigon, the two busiest cities in the country, though can be very exciting to discover, may bother tourists with their infamous traffic. Common sense dictates that traffic lights in cities are a must to ensure traffic order and safety. 

However, Da Lat begs to differ. Unlike other cities in the country, the traffic flow here is not disrupted by traffic lights. Vehicles move around leisurely on the streets. The traffic is just as cool as the weather here.

First of all, there is no traffic light in Dalat. Taking a walk around Da Lat city, you can not find any traffic light. It seems obvious to the people of Da Lat but not many tourists know. Da Lat city is located on Lam Vien plateau, so there are many hills and slopes. Therefore, There are no traffic lights installed here. At the fork, intersection, people built the roundabout. Dalat does not have any means of transportation, so the road is very open, and people’s sense of law is very good.

Moreover, that Dalat has not air condition. Da Lat city is about 1,500 meters above sea level, with high mountainous climate and an average temperature of 18-21 degrees Celsius. Because of the cold climate, almost all villagers, as well as household or hotels, does not use the air conditioner.

Dalat is special in their own cultural identity Tay Nguyen as beautiful as a legend. The gentle people live by doing farming, gardening, coffee, tea, cattle breeding … On the special days of the village, family fun, visitors will see them dancing, singing, playing music. The unique instruments whose sounds sound like winds murmuring, the water flowing down the rocks. Beautiful nature has created the Da Lat people have a lovely style, gentle, elegant and hospitable.

The slow, peaceful life of Da Lat will help you to live slowly, think slowly, to feel your heart more peaceful … If you want to verify these, immediately take a tours in Vietnam to visit Da Lat. During your trip, you can recognize what you really want, what you did and what you will do with your work and your lives.

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