Chicken Rice lasts more than half a century in the heart of Hoi An

Nga Do
Mrs. Buội chicken rice is a name that has appeared in many of Hoi An's travel guides over the years.

Mrs. Buoi chicken rice is one of the addresses that visitors have the opportunity to set foot in Hoi An. On TripAdvisor, Micheal from Singapore shared, "This is one of my favorite dishes, it tastes very different from chicken rice in Da Nang. Delicious rice and wonderful sauce"

Restaurant located in a small house on Phan Chu Trinh but always busy local people and tourists.

Ms. Hanh, the current owner of Mrs. Buoi's daughter, said the restaurant was opened 50 years ago. "In the past, my mother sold in the market, and she moved to the present location for many years to make it more convenient for her business," she said.

The restaurant serves only chicken rice and chicken dishes. According to the story, chicken must be chickens in the garden, a litter, the meat will be firm, tough and delicious. Rice is only used for at least one year. The vegetables are taken directly from the village of Tra Que vegetables nearby.

Want to cook delicious rice, before cooking it soaked with turmeric and washing rice clean, cooked in water with chicken fat. This amount of fat at cooking will dissolve to make the rice more aromatic.

The rice will dry slightly. Guests can add chili sauce when enjoying, or mix a cup of salt with lemon pepper to taste. The price of chicken rice here is quite plentiful, 40,000 VND.

Chicken rice is also served with a salad, eat together will not feel bored. Besides the famous chicken rice, torn chicken salad is also called. Want meat chicken is not too soft and tough, cooks have to watch the right time. Chicken broth is used as soups. Mixed salad with onions, broccoli, chicken and some spices. The food is sour, sweet and blended.

The name of Mrs. Buoi's chicken rice appears quite a lot in the travel guide of Hoi An, so visitors find very crowded during peak hours. Restaurant has a small space, heat. In order not to wait, you should arrive early. Open only from 10:30 am to 19 pm.

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