Amazing streets and street life in Hanoi Old Quarter

Nga Do
The streets of Hanoi are hectic. They’re energetic. Motorbikes crisscross each other in the gaps between cars. Footpaths are used for more than just walking and shops spill out over them.
Amazing streets and street life in Hanoi Old Quarter
Photo by KatherineSlade
You may be very shocked at first because of so many motorcycles in every direction, and may be get nervous because of so many noises they are making. But once you get used to it, you will find out that it is very vietnamese atmosphere. Just walking along the street will make you feel you are traveling this attractive city.

Hanoi old quarter, this is the best place to go when visiting Hanoi. Shopping, food, rest, and relaxation all in one place. There are different local restaurants found in this area. Must place to go to for foodie. Also an area for great shopping. You cannot past here without buying anything. Once you get tired, just go in the massage places and experience Vietnamese massage. You’ll meet a lot of backpackers and tourists in this area. Most of the tourist attractions are also found here all in walking distance. I recommend staying in the area to enjoy most of Hanoi.

Great atmosphere for walking around sit in Cafés watching and feeling the energy. Many small shops that cater to tourists. It is a fun place to explore. Quaint little food shops with delicious meals. Very reasonable prices. Just move from one food shop to another and you will get a true taste of Vietnam in one evening.

An amazing intoduction to Vietnam. Could not possibly ask for more. Right up there now with my favorite cities in the world. The food. The people. The hustle and bustle. Just wow. The Old Quarter is magic.

If you want to see Hanoi's Old Quarter the way it's been for hundreds of years, you should visit soon. A government proposal suggests razing many of the tunnel houses and replacing them with fancy new condominiums and commercial buildings. If the construction is approved, as much as a third of the tunnel houses will disappear – along with the families that have called the long, narrow houses home for generations. In a process of gentrification all too familiar in the west, the face of the Old Quarter may be very different in just a few years. In other words, go see Hanoi's Old Quarter now, while it's still old.

Discover Hanoi has never been so easy, Hanoi tour not only bring you unforgettable experience, it is also a place to keep your memories with friendly people here. If you are cherishing that dream, do it now!

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