Trang An Ecotourism Complex - Beautiful places but not many people know the World

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Ninh Binh was voted as the top 50 points need to come in 2018 by the tourist site THIS IS INSIDER of the United States voted and TELEGRAPH Britain voted this is one of the 15 beautiful places but not many people know the world and consecutive titles from the prestigious travel site.
Trang An Ecotourism Complex
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Vietnam: a picturesque country filled with history and distinct sights. Endangered species, islands, jungles, caves, and much more is hidden inside this country, just waiting to be explored. Even though Vietnam has so many exciting and tranquil activities, it is not a strong force in the tourist industry. Many people decide against touring the country because of the overwhelming amount of things to do and it is too much trouble to plan. This saddened us, since so many people have the desire to visit yet are unable to. This is why we have created some amazing packages, so you can receive the help you need to plan your vacation to a country known for its abundance of sights and activities.

Trang An is known as the “Halong Bay on Land” because the scenery of the two destinations is semi-similar. Both locations involve being on a boat and being surrounded by green-covered, limestone cliffs, although Trang An is on a smaller scale.

Trang An Landscape Complex as it is called was designated a UNESCO heritage site and is one of the most scenic environments in the world. It is a magnificent terrain of limestone karst mountains filled with valleys, a lot of them partially submerged and encircled by steep, almost perpendicular cliffs.

Trang An Ecotourism Complex 1
Photo by Annietphan
Trang An is also referred to an ‘outdoor geological museum’ with its abundant caves, hills and plains, lakes, trees, woods and historical remains. Trang An caves have seen decades of years of architectural explorations which confirm years of human activities, stretching back almost thirty thousand years ago. Trang An caves are thousands of hectares in size, and they belong to tribal people such as Truong Yen, Ninh Xuan and Gia Sinh The Gia Hai are connected to each other via more than 100 caves, and tourists can move from cave to other cave via tunnels running between them. Right next to these caves, there are about 20 kilometres of valleys.

Vietnam Typical Tours has packages dedicated to helping your take advantage of and enjoy these amazing wonders of nature. If you are a lover of the natural environment and history, then a visit Hanoi to Trang An should rank very high on your list of absolutely important places to visit, and there is no tourism company better than Vietnam Typical Tours at giving clients the best experience!

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