The most famous bread in HCMC

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Bread is very "magic" street food, suitable for many people, can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is one of the best street food in the world.

Nhân Ngãi Bread

Originating from Da Lat, but this bread when "migrating" to HCMC has quickly conquered many customers, even the gourmets. The most famous is the chicken bread with chicken meatl inside. Ingredients are seasoned for taste, then to be torn into pieces of meat with moderate size, not too big but not too small. This chicken is always kept warm to always succulent, keep the soft cotton when eaten in the mouth. The bread does not have too many vegetables. Kinds of sour, coriander is just a light point to help eaters do not get bored.

Another plus point for this bread is that there are many different types of sauces. In addition to the familiar egg mayonnaise, there are also Dalat chili sauce, which is specially made by the owner himself and made on site. Although it is only a small detail, but these types of sauce has helped Nhân Ngãi bread became "exclusive".

Quỳnh Hoa Bread

Quỳnh Hoa Bread is located on Le Thi Rieng street, District 1. The bread here is rich with all kinds of chips, cotton scrub, meat. It is difficult to identify the highlight of this dish, but many customers are familiar with the pate bold not where it is.

The pate here are super fine, each tiny liver particles are mixed together. Pale color here is also charming with red color, very delicious taste,  a little taste of flavor, a little salty, blend together to stimulate your taste buds.

At Quỳnh Hoa Bread can not fail to mention the combination of cold meats, hams, pork rolls, pork ham just three .... Just to see the cold meat is placed in the cabinet only enough to you crave . Each piece of meat is trimmed by machine, the thickness is moderate, not a deviation, so when placed in the as a loaf of bread more attractive. Especially the meat here is not really bored, because the proportion of meat and fat is very moderate.

Bảy Hổ Bread

If you want to find a row of "ancient" bread to try the traditional flavor of the past, can go "right and always" small alleys on Huynh Khuong Ninh Street, District 1 to experience.

The Bảy Hổ Bread is probably associated with the lives of many of the people of Saigon. The bread is 80 years old, passed from generation to generation. Despite the long time such but the Bảy Hổ Bread retain their original flavor and style throughout the year. Despite the old, but over the years, the people of Saigon and living in the alley Huynh Khuong Ninh still love it. All thanks to pate and butter special that nearly 80 years have not been "usurpation".

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