The Highlight of Sapa Tourism

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Sapa is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. Sapa is fairly quiet and relaxing when compared to Hanoi or other Asian cities. Away from the bustle you are nestled in a valley filled with lush green rice fields and endless fresh air. Surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in Vietnam also creates lots of opportunities to discover lush forest, waterfalls and amazing rock formations.

The Highlight of Sapa Tourism
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Sapa is best know for its glorious rice fields. Their colours change seasonally with their alluring charm when the new crop begins, green rice grows and the field is lush with ripening rice giving off a yellowy green colour.

April and May is when the local people water their fields to prepare for a new crop, the surface of terraced fields shines like a mirror reflecting the contrast of the reddish brown soil and the green of surrounding hills.  In June and July the terraced rice fields with fully-grown paddy rice and forest trees cover the area with lush green.  Then in September and October when autumn ends rice in all terraced fields is ripe, giving a soft gold color. Although beware the lure of this natural beauty comes hand in hand with changing weather conditions.

The fields are best experienced by trekking along the various mountain paths with a guide or taking the cable car to Fansipan Mountain. Besides, the weekend market is also one of the highlights of Sapa that impresses with tourists. Bac Ha market to Sapa always attract tourists by the most unique experience.

The Highlight of Sapa Tourism 1
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The Sunday market in Bac Ha is where you'll want to stock up on water buffalo, pigs and horses. Once you're all set, you can browse for bottles of local firewater (made from rice, cassava or corn) or handicrafts made by some of the 10 Montagnard groups living near here - Flower Hmong, Dzao, Giay (Nhang), Han (Hoa), Xa Fang, Lachi, Nung, Phula, Thai and Thulao. Bac Ha is a less crowded alternative to Sapa, and arriving midweek makes for a relaxing visit. Around 700m above sea level, the highlands around Bac Ha are somewhat warmer than Sapa. Bring ear plugs so you needn't endure the 'Voice of Vietnam' echoing from the loudspeakers at market-rousing time.

It is not simply a place for buy and sell but also an opportunity for people from different ethnicities to come and meet, for relatives to reunite after a long time missing, for women to demonstrate their beautiful handmade traditional costumes and even for youngsters to find their dates. To reach the market, many ethnic vendors have to walk a long distance passing mountains and hills. 

Sapa tours from Hanoi is the ideal choice for you to experience the new things from the fog city, human and diverse culture of hill tribes. Don't hesitate any longer, book tour now and plan for this specific trip with us!

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