Sapa in July

Nga Do
Hanoi is in extremely hot weather, temperatures up to nearly 40 degrees Celsius. It looks like this hot weather will stay for a few more days, maybe until the weekend. So that, a Sapa tour packages from Hanoi is a wise idea.

Day in Sapa, get up early, from mountain slopes, pass peaks, or window sills, you can watching the clouds hovering. It shows that people and the world are very close together. Clouds of dawn and magical landscapes.

Sapa in July 1
Photo by pxhere

But just after a while, like the rays as the honey poured through the mountains, the village, Sapa hastily changed the color of the new joy, brilliant. Sapa in the natural sunlight in the golden sunshine sweet. The sun only makes Sapa warm but can not lose the cool weather characteristics of high.

Sunshine at the foot of the roads, sunshine in the grass, wool through the alleys everywhere dyed yellow brilliant. Sapa field in the sun glittering like a piece of precious jewelry.

Sapa in July as a young man youth. On every road, covered in fresh grass eyes, fresh. Sapa this season, everywhere sank in endless green and full of vitality. July Sapa arrives where we also feel prosperity and full of vitality.

Sapa in July 2
Photo by pxhere

The terraced fields are growing steadily, gradually penetrating into the sun and wind to show the yellow color in the coming October. Traveling to Sapa on such lush days makes your heart bustle.

Where is the youth before, how to close before the romantic things? Hope with information above. It's could help you know how holiday Sapa Vietnam on July. Anytime, please contact us if you want to come to Sapa:

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