Red Dzao people in Ta Phin Village, Sapa

Nga Do
Sapa and its surrounding region are hosts to many hill tribes, rice terraces and lush vegetation. Many ethnic minorities live in and around Sapa including the Red Dzao people in Ta Phin Village.

Sapa in July (Sapa trips), it rains in torrent, but we were determined to make our way to Ta Phin village, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, by the irresistible attraction to exotic and colorful dresses of ethnic girls from Dzao, Hmong on their way home after the market session.

By skillful hands, indigenous girls are weaving "dance" of brocade, keeping the valued unique traditional culture. By sewing, the women here are making a prosperous, happy life, contributing to poverty reduction in the area.

The 20km road from Sapa brought us to the center of Ta Phin commune, crept through the beautiful terraced rice fields as a picture of mountain and river. At the start of the village, we saw groups of women plying with needle, creating colorful brocade products.

Nobody remembers when Ta Phin became a traditional craft village, over generations every woman make brocade, all families make brocade. The women in the village consider it as an indispensable work everyday.

Ta Phin village is inhabited by Red Dzao people, since tourism came to Sapa Ta Phin has become a popular destination for travellers, many come here to enjoy the special "Herbal bath", specialty of Dzao people in the village.

To have a bath with the tradition of Red Dzao, the barrels contain up to more than 10 herbs, some places use even 120 different herbs, in the small bathrooms, heated steam from the wooden tubs spread all over.

According to Dzao people in Ta Phin, herbal bath or deep the feet in the herbal water for a long time can cure you of skin diseases, back pain, particularly women after bathing have smooth skin.

In Ta Phin village, people cannot miss Ti O Cam cave, over a dirty path without any tree, along the green rice fields is the way to Ti O Cam grotto, this is a big grotto that can accommodate a regiment. In the cave, under the torch light guests feel like losing in a fairy land, beholding stone shoots and stalagmites.

One night stay at a home-stay of the local ethnic Red Dzao and experience the daily culture will surely amaze you and give you unforgettable memories. You want to experience it, contact at:

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