Ô quy Hồ Pass - Watching a majestic but romantic Sapa

Nga Do
Known as one of the four most prominent mountain passes of the northwest, O Quy Ho is the destination that any traveler wishes to conquer. Situated at the border of Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces, O Quy Ho Pass brings a majestic beauty yet magical with its misty and sunny sides.

Viewed from above down, the mountain pass is winding, supple as the silk. Majestic scenery gives pleasure to the tourists. Nothing great than conquering the heights. From the top looking down at the face of the earth and sky splendor, people become too smallest.

O Quy Ho mountain pass is a mountain pass in the most beautiful and longest of Vietnam. O Quy Ho mountain pass known as the Hoang Lien Son mountain pass because the pass is located on Highway 4D cross Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Mountain pass is a bridge of two provinces Lao Cai and Lai Chau. The top of Pass is point distinguished the boundaries of the two regions.

The beauty of the O Quy Ho Pass always turn virtual: The side of Lao Cai is misty, the side of Lai Chau is sunny; Winter is snow and ice, summer is often covered with clouds, creating a special appeal to everyone.

From the top of the pass, you can admire the panoramic road over the car pass through majestic mountains to Binh Lu or Sapa. You can also admire the magnificent view of Mount Fansipan. There are cold winters, some days below 0 ° C, scenic O Quy Ho pass strange, snow flying white area

The beauty of the O Ho Pass has attracted a great number of international visitors to admire and this place is also a source of creative emotions of many famous artists.

The ideal trip to see O Quy Ho Pass is from Sapa, passing Silver Waterfall about 12 km, then go straight to O Quy Ho. At the height of 2.073m of the famous peak, you will have the opportunity to see the sea of ​​clouds are floating between the realms.

Don’t forget to capture moments of harmony in nature at O Quy Ho Pass! 

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