Explore Sapa by Bike, Why Not?

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Sapa - The land is destined to be called "the city on the clouds" with a mild climate, majestic nature and many tourist attractions. To explore Sapa and surrounding areas you can choose a lot of transportation such as motorbikes, cars, taxis ... However, the hilly terrain in Sapa will be more suitable and convenient for guests choosebicycles and motorbikes to explore this land. Biking in Sapa will be a very enjoyable experience!

What's interesting about biking?

You will have the opportunity to feel the natural beauty of Sapa, which can easily be moved to neighboring villages in the town. Besides, you can stop along the way to enjoy delicious food in this land. The road in Sapa is quite convenient for biking so you do not need to worry!

What are the attractions of Sapa when biking?

The sights in Sapa are usually 5-10 km apart. If you are on a bicycle, you should choose the points closest to each other in order to save time while still discovering many attractions.

Route 1: Muong Hoa Valley - Ham Rong Mountain - Silver Falls, Love Falls - Cat Cat

Route 2: Sapa Town - Ham Rong Mountain - Muong Hoa Valley - Ta Van Village - Ancient Rock Beach - Cat Cat Village.

How to rent a bicycle?

Currently renting bicycles in Sapa quite developed so it is not difficult to rent. You can rent a hotel or resort in sapa or rent a bike.

Some notes when exploring Sapa by bike

- Be prepared for health. If you decide to experience Sapa by bicycle, you need to prepare for health. Before that, it is best to walk, jog, exercise to get the best health for your journey.

- Prepare necessary supplies: necessary equipment, fast food, raincoat, gloves, clothes, shoes, helmet to ensure safety.

- You should follow the delegation, not separate the delegation.

Sapa tour by bike will help each traveler have a memorable experience. What is more wonderful when you drop into nature are roaming the romantic streets of Sapa.

With the above suggestions, hopefully you will have some suggestions for Sapa trip guide of his. And the next Sapa appointment, you try to explore this land break by bike offline, sure to be very interesting!

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