Experience exploring the ripe rice season in Bac Son

Nga Do
To see the ripe rice in Vietnam, not only the Sapa & Mu Cang Chai tour package but 160 km away from the center of Hanoi, Bac Son valley attracts visitors, charming with yellow color of ripe rice.

In July, when the rice paddies in Bac Son Valley, Lang Son gradually turn color is the time when moving enthusiasts and photographers find, recording the beautiful moment of the year.

Bac Son is a small town in Lang Son province, located in the middle of a valley with enchanting beauty. The Bac Son valley is embraced by the green mountains and the soft river strip crosses the golden rice fields.

The period from July to November of the year is considered to be the most suitable time for Bac Son season, in which the entire Bac Son valley is covered with a golden rice paddies.

The golden color of the rice is ripe, but alternating still green waiting harvest or reddish brown of the field as soon as harvested. Small canals run wild across the field, providing both water and sunlight.

Bac Son is unique and impressive because it is surrounded by limestone karst limestone mountains running endlessly. Dawn and sunset are the best time to witness the sunshine through the mountain to create an interesting picture.

Coming to Bac Son once to feel more full of the taste of life, sniffing the smell of jasmine rice early in the morning to wake up, pick up the sun gradually shine and then illuminate the place, dye gold Bac Son harvest season. To make life more meaningful, surely there can be no shortage of moments before nature.

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