Enjoy the endless green space in Moc Chau plateau

Nga Do
Mai Chau & Moc Chau tour have long been known to have a mild climate all year round, interspersed with beautiful wildlife captivating people.

Enjoy the endless green space in Moc Chau plateau
Photo by Quangpraha on the pixabay
Every year, every summer thousands of visitors from all over to visit Moc Chau, explore the landscape that nature gave the land here.

Moc Chau plateau, Son La province has long been famous for its green tea along across the mountains, creating a poetic and majestic landscape that is home to thousands of passionate travelers and experience.

When arriving at the Moc Chau plateau, visitors will see the paradise of contemplate the water spin model and the beautiful small houses are roofed with pine trees mixed with mountains and forests, creating a beautiful wild.

Moc Chau is famous as the ideal destination for youngsters who are passionate about exploring tourism on the weekend. The buildings are well-designed and eye-catching to suit every tourist destination, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Enjoy the endless green space in Moc Chau plateau 1
Photo by ToanNguyen on the pixabay
Visitors to Moc Chau have also discovered the cultural characteristics of the Mong people. Many tourists also buy themselves the colorful Mong ethnic dress for taking pictures as a souvenir on the green tea hills.

Guests also enjoy the cool atmosphere and together join the duck play game to dispel the heat of summer between pine forest resort. Moc Chau plateau is also known as the ideal place to admire and experience the strawberry garden and cool weather all year round.

The gentle nature of the poetry that nature has given to Moc Chau land has made many people come here to admire. And Mai Chau Valley is the ideal destination to combine with Moc Chau plateau to explore the exciting and complete.

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