Discovering HaGiang with Local guide

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A visit to Ha Giang from Hanoi has enchanted many visitors to Vietnam. Not a good word can describe all the beauty of it brought.

Ha Giang is one of the northeastern provinces of Vietnam and known as one of the most beautiful destinations for any Vietnam adventure tour packages. Exploring Ha Giang once in a life time is a dream of many Vietnamese people. In recent years, international visitors have known the fascinating and attractive Ha Giang tours and immediately fallen in love with this beautiful destination. This Ha Giang travel guide will give you some information why.

Discovering HaGiang with Local guide
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How to get there

Ha Giang is about 319 km away from Hanoi, but it takes approximately 8 hours to get there. The road to Ha Giang is stunning and it is possible to stay in Ha Giang for a night at a mini hotel or homestay to be ready for the coming days to explore deeper to this remote region.

Best time to visit Ha Giang

It is the dry season from September to December when it is cool and dotted with beautiful Buckwheat Flowers here and there. Lunar new year of Vietnam (Feb & Mar) is also a good time to visit when the mountains are decorated with beach blossoms and local people with happy smiles enjoy great time in colorful dresses in markets and festivals.

Discovering HaGiang with Local guide 1
Photo by Quangpraha
Highlight of Ha Giang tour

1. Quan Ba heaven gate is around 50km from Ha Giang, a historical place and gateway to the Rock Plateau and hidden part of Ha Giang. The road to Quan Ba is meandering and stunning. From the top of this Quan Ba heaven gate, tourists will enjoy wonderful view toward imposing mountains, valleys and feel like standing in above the sea of billowing cloud.

2. Recognized by the UNESCO as one of the 77 geological parks in the world, Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark or Dong Van Rock Plateau is impressive. Dong Van is home to 17 different ethnic groups living in an area of 80% of the surface covered by just rocks. The mountains are abour 1400-1600m above the sea level. The tour package to Dong Van is really an discovery to explore hidden mountains and see local people plowing in rocks, cultivating crops in rocks, building walls around their home with just rocks and rocks. In Dong Van town, there are few mini hotels to stay. The town is peaceful and there is a local market and an old street including old houses to visit

3. Pho Bang town is another town in Dong Van, the town is forgoten for decates. Visiting this place one will feel like being lost in an old world and time does not change anything. Peopl live in Pho Bang are the H'Mong and Hoa ethnic. They culvivate corn and plant roses to sell. A visit to Pho Bang is memorable and long - lasting.

4. Included in many Vietnam tour packages to Ha Giang, Lung Cu flag is 1.470 m above the sea level and known as the northermost point of Vietnam. From the submit, it is beautiful to see row on row of mountains and rice terraces. Tourists will also have the chance to learn about this history of Lung Cu flag towner and Vietnam in centuries ago.

5. Ma Phi Leng pass is the most impressive one in Vietnam having a glorious history and offering fantastic view toward mountains and valley. Ma Phi Leng pass is the story of the days in the 1960s when the road connecting to Meo Vac was built. Thousands of Vietnamese and ethnic groups spent 6 years to make a 20km long road. After 6 years, the road was fininished and called as "happy road" in happy tears. If you are traveling from Meo Vac of Ha Giang to Ba Be lake or Cao Bang, remember to stop at Me Phi Leng pass where there is a small shop serving coffee, solf drinks, souvenirs. It is a also the best place to talk a walk to admire beautiful mountains in fresh air and take wonderful pictures.

6. The Vuong palace is historical site. The palace considered as the forbidden citadel of the H'Mong King in the past and it is now used as a small musem which tell tourists a lot about the old glorious days and the changes.

7. As mentioned earlier, Ha Giang is home to several ethnic groups and each group has their own culture and tradition but all meet at a local market. During your Vietnam tour in Ha Giang, remember to stop on the way to visit a roadside markets or visit a loca family which will be a great experience.

8. Recognized as the national heritage, the rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi of Ha Giang are like an artwork or a painting that has been preserved by several ethnic groups from generation to generation. In about September every year, tourists and photographers flock to Hoang Su Phi and wait for the best moment to shoot wonderful photos.

So, Exploring Ha Giang according to which schedule is most ideal. I'm sure many of you will have such questions. :) We don't hesitate to say that the Ha Giang itinerary 3 days will be the most exciting experience. Are you ready to explore the mystery of this trip together?

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