Boating on the Nho Que River - Tu San Gorge

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Unlike Ha Giang trekking tours, boating on Nho Que river - the Tu San canyon is a new destination for Ha Giang tours. It not only brings exciting experiences but it is also an extremely new place for tourists to love Ha Giang tourism. So, what it is?

Tu San canyon with Nho Que river is considered one of the deepest and most unique canyons in Vietnam. Originating from the mountainous area of ​​Nghiem Son - Yunnan (China). The Nho Que River flows into Vietnam from the village of Seo Lung in Lung Cu Commune, Dong Van District, passes through the Tu San Canyon and runs along Ma Pi Leng Pass.

Where is Nho Que River?

Boating on the Nho Que River - Tu San Gorge
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Nho Que is a famous river located at the foot of the historic Ma Pi Leng Pass at Ha Giang province. From the top of Ma Pi Leng Pass, we can see beautiful small curves curving through the majestic mountains, molded from the hands of mother nature.

With the height of 1500m, flowing in the Northwest - Southeast, the Nho Que River at the foot of the Tu San canyon brings poetic beauty, mysterious like a jade fanciful thread, hidden between the mountains of the Northeast rugged and wilderness.

Previously, when the Nho Que river was not yet exploited, this river was only used for the purposes of hydropower and fishing by the local people. However, recently, the district has invested more in exploiting tourism for Nho Que life, so many tourists inside and outside the province have been widely known and Que Que is gradually becoming an attractive rendezvous for tourists. Currently, the district is exploiting boating on Nho Que river for tourists.

How to rent a boat on Nho Que River?

This is probably the most attractive journey for travelers compared to all the destinations you have been traveling in Ha Giang tourist tours. For boating on Nho Que River, you should call the boatmen to check the information and schedule to know the boat schedule of that day and take the initiative in the process of visiting other places.

List of boatmen:

- Mr. Vang (038.2325.973) if you want to get down to the boat station of Nho Que river from Sin Cai

- Mr. Dai (0964426017) or Mr. Diep (0865040992) if you want to come down at Ta Lang boat station, Pai Lung

Please note that you should call 1 day in advance so that you and your siblings can arrange enough boats for your group to avoid overcrowding or not having enough boats or waiting for a long time.

Instruction to go from Dong Van town to the boat station of Nho Que River

From Dong Van, it is best to start from 7am, this time the weather is cool and temperate, it will be more comfortable. If it is near noon, it is hot and sunny, the mood will not be pleasant. There are 2 ways to get to the wharf of Nho Que river, in Xin Cai and at Pai Lung.

The first way: Go down to Sin Cai boat station

Guide to the wharf boat Nho Que river. Photo by

The wharf boat Nho Que river. Photo by

Sign of wharf boat Nho Que river. Photo by

Road down to the wharf boat Nho Que river. Photo by
From Dong Van town, tourists will follow Ma Pi Leng direction. After admiring the Nho Que River from above, visitors can continue to drive toward Meo Vac district along the paths and the hills, parallel to the river. This road is about 5-7 km long, including many winding roads and dangerous bends, making the feeling of conquering Nho Que river become more attractive than ever. At the end of Ma Pi Leng Pass, visitors will notice the sign "turn left" to Xin Cai.

Continue going to Xin Cai for another 5-7 km, you will see Nho Que boat wharf 1. After arriving at the signboard, you turn left trekking about 2km down to the boat station under Nho Que river.

The second way: Go down to Ta Lang, Pai Lung

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From Dong Van, you go 4km to reach the pine hills fork with a concrete road turning left (as we marked above) down to Ta Lang, then go straight to the small road that will arrive at the station boat in Nho Que river at Ta Lang, Pai Lung.

The way down at the wharf boat the Ta Lang, Pai Lung. Photo by
Choosing this route has the advantage that you will not need to climb the ladder too long, so it will be less tired than the direction from Xin Cai. However, the road is very steep, it is important to keep it safe, especially when traveling by scooter.

Price for sailing on Nho Que river

The price of 1 trip per person is 100,000 VND if traveling in a crowded group, but if you go less it can cost 150k / person, you will enjoy on the boat within 30 minutes. Here, you will see the hydroelectricity of Nho Que river and the water flowing through Tu San slit and Ma Pi Leng pass.

Blue river water makes everyone fall in love. Standing in front of the majestic wilderness, humans are like babies and all sorrow seems to be dissolved.

Immediately book a Ha Giang tour package from Hanoi to take part in the journey of discovering the Tu San Gorge - Ma Pi Leng to see the grandeur and natural scenery in Ha Giang!

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