Turtle Tower - one of the symbols of Hanoi capital

Nga Do
Do you like an ancient or modern city? I think Hanoi will satisfy you with the perfect blend of past and modernity. You will be immersed in the emotions of serenity and tranquility, in the characteristic atmosphere of Hanoi - the unmistakable feature with any other city.

Turtle Tower - one of the symbols of Hanoi capital
Photo by mailme6
In Hanoi, Vietnam, there is a lake in the center of town that maintains special significance to the Vietnamese people. In the middle of that lake is a tiny island that holds a tower which commemorates the important victory achieved by a Vietnamese legend.

Turtle Tower, known to the Vietnamese people at Thap Rùa, was built in 1886 on the same site where a Ta Vong Temple had been built during the 17th or 18th century. Somewhere between the Restored Le Dynasty and the Nguyen Dynasty that temple disappeared. The tower that stands there now was erected on the same site to commemorate a warrior and the impact he had on Vietnam.

Hanoi is famous for its history, culture and especially it is often the first point of travelers when coming to VietNam. After a journey of exploring the city of this ancient and modern blend, will be the tour package from Hanoi to other parts of Vietnam.

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