Touch the world of crystal blue stream in Ba Be lake

Nga Do
Ba Be Lake, 250 kms north of Hanoi, is Vietnam's largest naturally occurring lake (the largest was created by a hydroelectric dam). It sits, enclosed by densely forested limestone karst mountains in the middle of Ba Be National Park. The area is inhabited by Tay, Dao and Hmong ethnic minorities.

Touch the world of crystal blue stream in Ba Be lake
Photo by Pilip
Located in the northern province of Bac Kan, Vietnam, Ba Be National Park is endowed with Ba Be Lake, one among 20 biggest natural through the world. This tourist spot is ideal for a cruise to touch the world of crystal blue stream, magnificent limestone cliffs along with mysterious caves.

Actually, the three smaller lakes of Pe Lam, Pe Lu and Pe Leng run together to make Ba Be Lake, which is lying in the middle of the vast limestone mountain range of Ba Be National Park. The lake spreads over seven kilometers in the north-to-south direction.

Coming to Ba Be Lake, visitors are offered lot for sightseeing including rivers, waterfalls, lakes, valleys and cave which are allocated amidst picturesque landscapes. Additionally, the lake is home to more than 30 animal species such as wild, pigs, bears, panthers, monkeys and birds as well as many of ancient trees, from which several varieties of precious wood are obtained.

While Ba Be's beauty won't disappoint, for most travellers, its distance from Hanoi makes it a more logical part of a wider journey through the north rather than a single destination. Ba Be can be combined with Ha Giang trekking tour or Cao Bang province, both bordering China to the north.

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