Hue street food attracts guests in the heart of Saigon

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Hue's Beo cakes in district 10, soup O Nho or bun cha Hue Ta Quang Buu is Hue dishes in Saigon are many customers favorite.

Hue Beo cakes in district 10

The restaurant is located right next to Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street, near Saigon Railway Station with cake box full of Hue typical cakes such as Bot Loc cake, Nam cake... always attract diners love Hue. Compared to the usual cakes, the cake here is more sweet than the owner has known how to change to suit the customers. Just bite a piece, you will feel the sweet, dried shrimps made from fresh shrimps mashed marinated, with fat piles, fat onions often appear in the food of the Sai Gon people.

The Beo cakes here are also thick, pliable, chan more water but made from fresh shrimps and pureed pork is the most favorite. You can choose to eat duck cakes with green beans puree with grease instead of the other ingredients.

Đuc cake soft, smooth, filter cake wrapped shrimp with marinated spices inside with fresh fish sauce, add a little bit of pickles and chilli pepper is slightly spicy, sprinkle more dried shrimp and grease onion for full . The highlight of the cake is located in Hue sauce, thick, handmade. The price here is quite popular, the plate full of only about 20,000-35,000.

Bun Cha in Hue

Bun Cha is about 20 years old, originally on the sidewalk of Road 12, District 8, then moved to Ta Quang Buu Street, always attracting customers because this is a booth of a Hue original chef. This is one of the few restaurants in Saigon still use wood stove. Therefore, the special thing here is bowl smell of kitchen smoke smell.

Hue street food attracts guests in the heart of Saigon 1
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Not only does it use wood stoves for the bone stew, shrimp sauce, pork chop and pig blood are also cooked on the stove. This way makes the ball, in addition to the sweet smell is very strange. It is called bun cha, but this dish is almost identical to Hue beef noodle soup, but the soup is not cooked with cow bone but stewed from pig bone and spices, which can not lack of fish sauce. This dish is also indispensable onion, add vegetables like banana, bean sprouts, lettuce, basil ... and a bit of pungent aroma. The price of a bowl of Hue bun is 35,000 VND.

Ganh Beef noodle soup

Located on Ly Chinh Thang street in district 3, There are rustic bamboo tables and chairs, employees wear Ba Ba or Long Pants. Here sell enough Hue dishes such as beef noodles, hến xúc bánh tráng, bánh bèo, bánh ít trần và các món chè đậu ngự, bột lọc. Plus the dishes and dishes are very clean. The taste of noodles is suitable for people who eat light, not to smell like the original version. The difference is easy to see that the vermicelli here is bigger, while the food connoisseurs Hue prefer smaller noodles of the original. The price of a bowl of noodles is 39,000 VND, the cake is 22,000 VND.

O Nho soup

O Nho soup is a popular dish, but always contains a subtle, sophisticated in the processing as well as in the way to enjoy dishes, this has given Hue cuisine the richness that any guest has to impress.

Smaller than a decade in the alley on Cong Hoa Street, Tan Binh always crowded, especially the afternoon. Snakehead soup are popular with many people, small bowls, slightly less rice cake soup but broth and fish Hue. Mussel rice, barbecue noodle, Bot Loc cake ... price 18,000 part, Canh soup 25,000. Shop always crowded, fast service.

If you are in Saigon this suggestion will help you escape the anxiety when not knowing the food choice to explore. Wish you have an enjoyable holiday!

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