Amazing experience: watching the rice season in Tam Coc from the Dance cave

Nga Do
Tam Coc is entering the season of rice season - the most beautiful season of the year. With the unique elevated viewing angle at the Dance cave tourist site, visitors will admire this beautiful picture.

In early June every year, the fields in Tam Coc are put on a brilliant yellow color of ripe rice, highlighting the green piece of fresh mountain between the message, creating a beautiful nature.

Amazing experience: watching the rice season in Tam Coc from the Dance cave
Photo by titanevn
The river bends in the midst of the shining yellow of rice paddies, the farmers rush to harvest rice in laughter and small boats full of golden rice. All make a seductive beautiful Tam Coc picture in gold season.

This year, Ninh Binh Tourism Week has also taken the title of Tam Coc gold to promote the outstanding features and value of local tourism resources, especially of cultural and natural heritage world - populations of Trang An scenic spots.

According to the travel experience of Ninh Binh, the best place to watch the Tam Coc rice season is the Hang Dance of Ecolodge.

Go to the Ecolodge Dance Cave, visitors will be immersed in the village life in Vietnam, a experience that everyone must once in life.

One special thing about this resort is the experience of climbing. When conquering nearly 500 steps to the top of Ngoa Long Mount in the land of heaven to move into the sunset, visitors will be immersed in nature and panoramic view of the Tam Coc gold picture.

The tough tourists also have difficulty controlling their emotions in this rare sight. If you are interested in this experience, let us know:

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