2 places of Vietnam are in the top 10 most amazing natural wonders in Asia

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Asia covers a large area of our planet. There are many natural wonders found here - from the highest mountain in the world to the most sunny beaches in the Maldives. Here are 10 beautiful natural wonders that you should consider once in your life.

The bridge lives in Cherrapunji, India

In the northeast of the country there are lush tropical forests, considered to be the richest biodiversity in Asia. Many of the unique plants that grow there, such as the Ficus Elastica, allow local people to create living bridges from their roots. Because this area is the most humid place on earth and the very fast wooden bridges will be ruined, broken. Although it may take 10 to 15 years to create a living bridge, these bridges can last for over 500 years.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand, India

This flower valley is beautifully beautiful around July and August each year, when countless species of flowers bloom brightly colored, turning this place into a beautiful picture.

Gokyo Cho Lake, Nepal

Gokyo Cho Lake is part of the Gokyo Lake system, stretching on Sagarmatha National Park. These glaciers blend in with the surroundings of the mountain and create a stunningly beautiful landscape and hold a religious significance of both Hindu and Buddhist. Arriving in August, pilgrims bathe in the lake at the Janai Purnima festival.

Kelimutu, Moni, Flores Island, Indonesia

A volcano of up to three lakes was a volcanic crater with different colors. The waters of the lakes are red, green or blue and are constantly changing. These colors are caused by the smoke coming from the volcano and causing a chemical reaction. Local people believe that the lakes are the resting place for their ancestors. According to local tradition, water color corresponds to the mood of the spirit. People can never predict the color of a lake, because sometimes they change into white and black.

2  places of Vietnam are in the top 10 most amazing natural wonders in Asia
Photo by phgaillard2001
Ban Gioc waterfall, Vietnam

The spectacular waterfall marks a border between Vietnam and China. The two waterfalls are divided into smaller cascades because of the rocks, separating them. It is the fourth largest waterfall after Iguazu, Victoria and Niagara Falls, which marks a national boundary. Many endemic plants are also found in this wonderful environment. Waterfalls are most admired when viewed from Vietnam.

Huanglong, China

This place means "Golden Dragon" in Chinese. Found in the Minshan Mountains, Huanglong is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Among the many natural wonders, the colorful pools with terraces are among the most recognizable and beautiful spots here. The nature reserve also has temples and statues scattered throughout the park. In addition to the forests, waterfalls, hot springs and mountains, Hoang Long is also home to endangered giant pandas and Sichuan Yellow Dragon monkeys.

Mount Everest, Himalayas

Found on the border of Nepal, Tibet and Chine, Everest is the highest mountain on earth. The Himalayas offer stunning views of the jungle below and the peaks of the clouds. For climbing experts, this is a challenging opportunity for them to challenge themselves.


These island groups in the Indian Ocean are a true natural wonder in their own right. Bright white sand beaches, crystal-clear water and abundant sea life make this place one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the world. Beside the great natural scenery, there are many perfect resorts that will make your trip to the Maldives truly unforgettable.

2  places of Vietnam are in the top 10 most amazing natural wonders in Asia 1
Photo by Nguyen Tan Tin
Son Doong Cave, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam

The largest cave in the world, very deep, it can accommodate a 40 storey building. 9 km long in the cave with forests and rivers. This cave was detect and discovered only in 2010. The forest, also known as the Edam Gardens, is home to monkeys and foxes. A real underworld is found here, one of the most unique places on earth. Son Doong is beautiful with stalactites, calcite crystals, formed over many centuries. 300 million year old fossil is also found here. New species were discovered around the river and waterfall.

Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

The steep slopes of the mountain have turned the Mayon into a perfectly symmetrical classical volcano. Mayon activity and eruption often. In May, volcanic eruptions of ash and rocks, in May, form a cloud 500 meters (1640 fr) above the summit. It killed five climbers, who were on their way to the summit.

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