Vietnam's pristine bay among world's top 7 destinations in May

Nga Do
Pristine and mesmerizing beaches in Cam Ranh Bay make it one of the most beautiful visiting places.

Cam Ranh Bay in the central province of Khanh Hoa has been named one of the world’s seven best destinations for May by top travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler.

Cam Ranh, an hour south of the much busier city of Nha Trang boasts pristine and mesmerizing beaches. Luxury facilities such as a top-tier golf course and beachfront resorts can be easily found here.

With the advantages of being a close, wide and deep bay with calm water throughout the year, Cam Ranh Bay is able to harbor large-tonnage ships at its mouth. The bay has beautiful contrasting colors, with its white sands, blue sea and sky, and green mountains and trees. The fishing villages located along the coast are nestled in dense coconut and evergreen forests. In Cam Ranh, tourists can enjoy a unique scenery of mountains, sea and landscape.

A 40-minute boat ride from the port of Da Bac (Ba Ngoi) is Binh Ba Island, a place where there’s a sea breeze all year long as well as beautiful scenery. It’s a popular destination for tourists here. They can also visit Vung Nom, a bustling fishing village located on the bank of a peaceful and calm river surrounded by big coconut and longan trees. It's also rich with different types of food, most notably lobsters from Binh Ba, which can be up to one meter long and can weigh up to seven or eight kilos. Cam Ranh also has different kinds of seafood, such as snail, crab, seaweed, squid, and fish, which are very delicious and reasonably priced.

Cam Ranh Bay has a long history of military use. It was one of the US military’s largest bases during the Vietnam War. When the US packed their bags and went home, the Soviets moved in and used the facilities until their presence was scaled back. The Russian base was eventually closed in 2002. Today it’s controlled by the Vietnamese military and it remains one of the most important strategic bays in Asia. 

A new international terminal is expected to open this May at Cam Ranh Bay to bring in more overseas visitors.

The Condé Nast’s list also includes Paris, Cannes and Monte Carlo in Europe; Sicily and Puglia in Italy; Portugal’s remote Azores islands; and San Francisco and Louisville in the US.

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