How is the nightlife in the coastal city of Nha Trang?

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Long known as one of the top seaside tourist destinations in Vietnam, Nha Trang has also been amongst the top cities with an awesome party scene in Vietnam, on par with Saigon and Hanoi. Quench your thirst with whatever you desire. If you can name it, Nha Trang has it, from luxurious laid-back sailing clubs to mixology bars.  
Nha Trang has always been a top vacation destination in Vietnam, with pristine beaches, beautiful attractions, delicious treats, and the robust urban atmosphere of a newly developed city. It also has one of the most beautiful bays in the world (UNESCO, 2003). Therefore, the city’s tourist infrastructure is well-developed, everything you need for a tropical holiday is surely here. And the nightlife of Nha Trang is somehow surpassing Saigon with its brisk beach town vibes.

This article will guide you through the fascinating nightlife of Nha Trang with top venues in each category: craft beer breweries, mixology bars, popular hang-out spots, and top-notch nightclubs. Before the sun fades out, you should also try an exciting water sport and the wonderful things to see and experience in Nha Trang.

Alrighty then, let’s enjoy the best of Nha Trang’s nightlife!

Out for a Night in Nha Trang

Nha Trang’s subtle and relaxing local atmosphere is quickly replaced by a festive vibe as soon as the sun goes down and the lights go up. You can feel it in the air, as the crowds of fun-loving travelers fill up every casual venue of the city.

From the pubs around the corner to bustling rooftop nightclubs and sophisticated cocktail lounges, there is always a place for your tastes and enjoyment until twilight. Every venue features spot-on drinks, tasty international treats, unique music choices, and even live performances. For those of you who are looking for innovative and out-of-this-world flavors, in terms of craft beer and mixology cocktails, Nha Trang has all that and more.

To be honest, the young locals are a bit limited in number because they have moved to bigger cities such as Saigon or Da Nang. The locals will be working the bars or restaurants but not out in droves cheering for the night activities. You will mostly come across groups of travelers from all over the place. But this isn’t a bad scenario for meeting people and having a good time! And trust me, the beach town vibes of the city truly crank up your joy to the max.  

Craft Beers in Nha Trang

Similar to Saigon, most of the breweries in Nha Trang are owned by foreign brewmasters. With imported malts and hops, these breweries are infusing their drinks with local fresh ingredients for hints of Vietnamese flavor. The most famous breweries are Louisiane and Pankoff, which have been around for years now.

Louisiane Brewhouse & Restaurant – Harmony of the Beers, the Food, and the Beach

Address: Lot 29, Tran Phu, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 8 AM – Late
Price: 45,000 VND for 330ml, 80,000 VND for 900ml, and 130,000 VND for a flight of five (200ml each). Food starts from 75,000 VND

Louisiane Brewhouse is located on the beachfront of Nha Trang, with good beers, good food, and a wide selection of other drinks (they have beer cocktails!). What could be better than laying back on a beach lounger and enjoying the three miraculous offerings of life – beer, food, and beach? They also have a pool for use until 5 PM.

This brewhouse is also one of the best places to watch the sunset in Nha Trang with a fresh bubbling beer that just came out of the tap. Adding to the package, they offer a wide range of international cuisines, such as traditional Vietnamese, modern Western, gourmet pizzas, and authentic Japanese dishes, so just play around and ask your dinner host for the best combination of food and drink. Apart from that, there is also a live music show by the pool most nights.

And what are the beers like? The brewers use a combination of well-selected malts from Australia, seasonal hops from New Zealand, and the flavorful fruits and spices from the local area for the best tastes that match the vibes. A pilsener, dark lager, wheat beer, and red ale are available for those who enjoy basic and familiar tastes. Next to these taps are the seasonal beers handcrafted by the brewmaster, for more festive flavors.

Pankoff Brewery – A European Beer Hideout in The Heart of Nha Trang

Address: 39 Hung Vuong, Nha Trang City
Opening hours: 11 AM – 12 AM
Price: 40,000 VND for 350ml, 70,000 VND for 650ml

The Pankoff Brewery is famous for being one of the first craft beer breweries in Nha Trang. Their crafts are basic and international in the style which cater to travelers looking for something familiar. Pankoff offers six craft beers: milk stout, Koelsch, weissbier, pilsener, Dunkel, and pineapple beer. Each beer stays true to its European flavors and this is just the thing that makes this place so great. Sometimes you just need a simple drink after a long day.

Together with the beer, the pub atmosphere is hearty and warming, just like a regular beer pub from an Eastern European country. And the classical rock truly rounds out the experience. I recommend going to the pub with a gang and enjoying your fresh beer, chilling for the night, just like at home.

Mixology Bars in Nha Trang

The mixology trend is carrying over from Saigon to Nha Trang as well, under the roof of Qui Cuisine & Mixology. There are some places where foreign bartenders settle down to play with their skill and local flavors, and Qui is the best place to get to know this luxurious experience. If you want to take this experience to a whole new level, check out my article about bars in Saigon.

QUI – CUISINE MIXOLOGY Lounge – Finest Mixology and Cuisine Innovation

Address: 62 Tran Phu, Nha Trang City
Opening hours: 6 AM – Late
Price: 180,000 VND++

As my top and only choice for mixology in Nha Trang, QUI dining lounge will attract you with its luxurious and laid-back atmosphere, perfect for a cocktail night out. Same as the one in Saigon, its concept is a Western-Asian fusion dining lounge and with a more local influence in its creation of food and drink. The dishes and cocktails harmonize together just as well. But for the best results, you should consider getting recommendations from the bartender to explore your dinner experience.

The bar will keep you dazzled for the whole night with its gallery of liquors from all over the world. Enjoy the mixing show and a perfect cocktail crafted just for you. I would recommend starting with a masterful gin and tonic to excite your palate, then move on with the QUI Nha Trang’s tropical signatures and pair them with the sophisticated surf and turf treats.

Partying in Town – Popular Hang-out Bars

The options above are for those who enjoy casual drinking venues. Now let me take you to more fun-loving places, where you can dance with the traveling nomads who have also fallen in love with the city’s vibes, like you!

Why Not Bar

Address: 24 Tran Quang Khai, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 24 hours (yes, for real)
Price: starting from 45,000 VND

This bar is just crazy, one of the few places in Nha Trang that stay crowded even past 3 AM. Just two minutes from Tran Phu Beach, this is everyone’s desired place to expend all energy before calling it a day. Please notice that the bar has no cover charge, but there is an entrance fee of 30,000 VND applied after 1 AM. If you do not mind sharing your personal space, jump into the 200-person dance floor and get carried away by the joy-loving locals and travelers. If this sounds too stuffy, there is a terrace and a pool for a cool sip of ocean air.

Crazy Kim’s Bar

Address: 19 Biet Thu Street, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 10 AM – 2 AM
Price: starting from 15,000 VND for juices, cocktails start at 30,000 VND

The first thing that impressed me about Crazy Kim’s Bar is how low the prices are, this is as cheap as it gets. There is a whole story behind the bar door, it’s part of a recent terminology “Responsible Tourism” – contributing to the development of the local community. The bar was opened in 1999 by Mrs. Kim, a Vietnamese-Canadian, in an attempt to protect the local children. All of the profits go to a free English language school, of which she is the headmaster, on the same property.

Think of your time here as both giving back to the community and having a fun time with your friends and other travelers! Joyful events and theme nights, nice music, fun-loving staff, and cheap quality drinks, what else do you need from a bar? It’s also next to Rainbow Divers (Check my Nha Trang water sports article <link>)!  You might want a cool drink after a day exploring the coral reefs.

Makaï Lounge

Address: 111B Nguyen Thien Thuat, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 4 PM – 2 AM, DJ night on weekends
Price: cocktails from 50,000 VND, Shisha from 150,000 VND

Makaï Lounge is a funky European-style nightlife venue in the very heart Nha Trang. It is the best place to enjoy shisha and cocktails together on a late night out. The theme varies from night to night. My favorite is Latino Wednesday, the friendly staff will teach you salsa, merengue, and Bachata dance moves all night, so fear not if you are coming alone.

United Bar

Address: 1B Tran Quang Khai, Nha Trang
Opening hours: 10 AM – 2 AM
Price: starting from 45,000 VND

If you happen to have an expat friend staying in Nha Trang, there’s a high chance they will take you to the United Bar for a night out. This watering hole is known as a favorite gathering place for the expat community. This bar has really great vibes with international flags, LCD TVs playing sports, a live music stage, sofas, and a garden. Traditional Vietnamese music is played every night attempting to familiarize the people with Vietnamese feeling and atmosphere. The choices of food and drinks is extensive from cocktails, draft beers, and wines with Vietnamese and Asian dishes. Live music every Thursday night starting at 7 PM.

Rooftop and Open-Space Nightclubs

One of the best things that Nha Trang has to offer is the out-of-this-world open-space nightclubs. Get dazzled by vibrant music, chill air, and kicking cocktails!

Sailing Club

Address: 72- 74 Tran Phu, on the beach, Nha Trang City
Opening hours: 10 AM till late
Price: Average 400,000 VND – 2,200,000 VND per pax

Sailing Club is Nha Trang’s best nightlife spot, capturing all the vibes of the city. With a great location, extensive drink lists, energetic tunes, and a huge dance, it’s a local favorite. Situated along Tran Phu Beach, visitors will also witness breath-taking fire dancing shows and crazy hip-hop performances. The prices are higher compared to most nightlife spots in Nha Trang, but the location and atmosphere make it worth the extra dollars. Sailing Club also hosts plenty of exciting events with guest performers from the local area and even international musicians.

Skylight Skydeck & Rooftop Beach Club

Address: 45th floor of Best Western Premier Havana Nha Trang Hotel on Tran Phu Street
Opening hours: 4:30 PM – 12 AM
Price: starting from 90,000 VND ++

This fantastic club has been known as Nha Trang’s first and best rooftop club, offering a panoramic view of the ocean and its surrounding scenery. On top of the 45th floor, Best Western Premier Havana Hotel Nha Trang, the club consists of three fully-stocked bars, four dance stages, three DJ booths, a swimming pool, and a kitchen that brings you Pan-Asian cuisine. An entry fee is required to enjoy your night at Skylight Skydeck & Rooftop Beach Club, at 100,000 VND and it includes a free welcome drink.

I hope you enjoy a funky night out in Nha Trang with the help of this guide. Check out these following articles to enjoy your holidays in this wonderful beach town! And keep checking back with our blog. Nha Trang is definitely fantastic at night, and I am glad to show how to experience it to the fullest.

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