Do you know about the mysterious Tien Cave in Sapa?

Nga Do
Besides Hang Tien in Quang Binh, when traveling to Sa Pa tourists also visit a famous landscape named Hang Tien, bring the wild features, with many beautiful and strange stone blocks. Long time has been one of the famous tourist sites in Sapa. Hang Tien is like a miniature Halong with the beauty of the Chay river swirling between the two walls wall standing up attached to the story of three fairies.

To get to Sapa Tien Cave, tourists have to cross the small stream called Tien stream, pouring from above as a soft silk band, not as noisy as Silver Falls.

When passing through Suoi Tien, visitors will be amazed with the sculptures of the water flowing down the cliffs with various shapes.

Add to the feeling as a wonderful maze by nature, layers layers as natural fences. It is the cave at the end of the stream.

Diving into the cave are tiny streams of tiny flowing water that form small stalactites, shaped differently with rare and glittering light. Sometimes I have to swing on the rocks, new roots to the road to the sky.

Through dangerous experience, visitors are bathed in the sun where the flower island, strange grass, waves scattered around. It's like stepping into a different world. Come to Hang Tien, tourists also hear the legend left from the story of three fairies when visiting here.

Sapa has never been a boring destination in the eyes of travelers. Even if you've been here before, it's still a mystery to you.

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