Dai Yem Waterfall attracts thousands of visitors during summer days

Nga Do
In the summer days of May, the Dai Yem waterfall, Moc Chau District, Son La Province has attracted thousands of visitors from all over the country to contemplate the poetic beauty of the waterfall from the hill down the abyss.

Moc Chau plateau, Son La province has long been known to many travelers as a proud girl of the northwestern highland region. Here, the scenic mountains and forests, the winding road hugging the mountainside, thick layers of mist make the scenery here incredible, fascinating people. Not only that, right in the heart of Moc Chau there is a treasure trove of travelers when coming here, it is the Dai Yem waterfall.

From the Pa Hang fork (Highway 6 - Moc Chau town) turn to Highway 43 continue to go about 4 kilometers to the Vat village, Muong Sang commune (Moc Chau district, Son La province), visitors can easily see Dai Yem waterfall from the hill to the abyss looks gorgeous.

The waterfalls are made up of two streams Vat village and the Lun village, two streams merging into a stream into the stream of spray foam white as the white band, so the waterfall is called the Dai Yem Waterfall. Previously, the Dai Yem Waterfall was also named by others as Thai Hung Waterfall, Nang Waterfall ... The most beautiful waterfall in the rainy season (from April to September) when the water upstream fiercely poured white foam to gives the feeling of fun for visitors to visit.

Dai Yem waterfall is considered an ideal place for visitors to cross the hot summer days. Visitors to the waterfall will have to cross the stairs up and down look like the road to the sky. When visitors step foot into the area of the waterfall, this will feel the cool air when mixed with the white fog from the cascade.

Area of the Dai Yem waterfall cover width of 10,000 m2 divided into two branches, the first branch height of over 100m, there are 9 floors, the bottom of the waterfall is a large lake about 30m2; Second branch about 70m high with 5 floors, two cascades about 100m apart. In the rainy season the waterfall pouring down a white sky. Dai Yem waterfall not only bring visitors the enjoyment of a mysterious scene of the land and sky, but also make the guests feel great when they are immersed in the wind with cool water, quiet space in the mountains on the high plateau Moc Chau.

A tour of Moc Chau to witness the majestic scenery of Dai Yem waterfall will definitely make you satisfied your passion for travel.

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