An expert’s guide: the best places to stay in Sapa

Nga Do
The foggy city of Sapa with breathtaking natural scenery with the Hoang Lien Mountains and ethnic minority groups create a picture of harmony between nature and people. From the large square to the pretty little homestays in the village, everything is exhilarated.

Sapa is famous for many hiking and trekking routes throughout the mountainous terrain. Moreover, this is perfect for many outdoor activities and exploring the most unique and fantastic hill tribe villages in this regions. Whatever kind of trip you’re planning, here’s the lowdown on the best areas to stay in the Sapa mist city.

Topas Ecolodge

An expert’s guide: the best places to stay in Sapa
Photo by Topas Ecolodge
It is a small resort situated on a beautiful hilltop deep in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park. It is about 18km from Sapa center – only 45 min. Topas has 33 mountain bungalows with the rustic chalet-style single bedroom houses. They present a casual style with a private balcony for each bungalow. In Topas, you can enjoy the magnificent and spectacular view of the towering peaks with the endless valleys dotted with ethnic minorities’ villages. You can join some trekking tour around Topas, explore the local life and it is easy for you to get many experiences.


Staying at a homestay in Sapa run by a local family is always a refreshing change from staying in the usual and rather boring hotel with minimal interaction. In Sapa, you have plenty of options for lodging where you can surround yourself with nature and immerse yourself fully into the local culture. While staying at a homestay, you will be able to help families source food for meals, learn to cook regional specialties, and be a part of their day-to-day lives.

Pao’s Sapa Leisure hotel – 5-star hotel

It is located in Muong Hoa valley with the favorable hillside position, overlooking the spectacular view of majestic mountains, moss-green rice terrace plots. Pao’s Sapa has more than 200 rooms and suite from standard to premium with a lot of high-qualified services like gym, spa, swimming pool.

There are also many hotels with different services to suit your requirements. Choose to stay overnight in the hotel, start your day with a spectacular view of the mountains, it will certainly contribute to you can enjoy absolute relaxation on your perfect trip.

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