Unmissable sights and wonders of Sapa

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Well-known for its beautiful scenery, fresh air, friendly people and terraced fields, Sapa has become the favorite destination for many backpackers across the country. Let’s explore the most checked-in places in the charming town.

Ta Phin monastery is a recommended place for visitors on the road from Ta Phin tourism village to the downtown of Sapa. Although the monastery was abandoned more than half a century ago, it still appeals tourists who stop to admire the bold beauty of French colonial architecture hidden under the dust layer of time.

Unmissable sights and wonders of Sapa
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O Quy Ho mountain pass is a zigzag challenge for the adventurous driver. It holds the record for the longest pass in the northwest mountains of Vietnam at nearly 50 km. Viewed from above, the mountain pass is a long winding thread, as supple as silk.

Unmissable sights and wonders of Sapa 1
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Visiting Sapa during spring and summer, visitors will be immersed in the stunning colours of various flowers. In those months Sapa becomes a colourful paradise of pure white apricot and pear flowers, bright yellow and purple orchids, and soft pink roses. Another great place to stop by are the green artichoke gardens. During the flowering season from May to July, artichokes bloom from spiked heads on thick green stalks, with bright blue and purple flowers.

Ta Phin commune is home to an authentic herbal bath made in the uncompromising herbal traditions of the Red Dao ethnic group. Every day the locals go into the forest to cut herbal plants and then brew the herbs overnight before pouring the hot medicated bathing liquid into wooden tubs. With a budget of only VND100,000 (US$4.4), visitors can enjoy the relaxing experience of soaking their body in the herbal bath.

Don’t miss out on Sapa night market - a heaven for food lovers where they can taste delicious grilled food. Everything ranging from meat, eggs, corn, and potatoes to vegetables can be grilled, and they are all fresh and tasty.

Unmissable sights and wonders of Sapa 3
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A famous cuisine in Sapa is thang co (an indigenous hot pot cooked from horse meat, herbs, and spices). And as an accompaniment to serve with thang co, home-brewed corn wine is always the answer.

Sapa, also known as Sa Pa, is a famous tourist attraction in the northern part of Vietnam. Regarded as being the Queen of the Mountains, Sapa town is considered as the gate way to another mysterious world of minority cultures, and luscious landscapes. This place is also an ideal retreat after the hustle and bustle of the busy city life. Being surrounded by beautiful valleys, lofty mountains, Sapa has a lot of spectacular sceneries surrounding, such as cascading rice terraces spilling down the mountains that offers great chances for taking iconic photos.

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