This April, What is Moc Chau plateau?

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It can be said that April is the best time to travel to Mộc Châu, besides the favorable weather for the activities, there are many interesting experiences, festivals featured this month.

Together with us to discover, this April, what is Moc Chau plateau?

Moc Chau plum harvest season

Go to Moc Chau This season, visitors will indeed put imagination before the hills green plum, red fruit to silly beautiful.

This April, What is Moc Chau plateau?
Photo by BoobaChen
Peaches, plums fresh after harvest will be the dealer to take home garden procurement or more people will directly carry through to market. In particular, on the Moc Chau has a lot of traders are siblings Kinh, they came here to do business and economic peach plum season again to buy and sell garden. On the northwest along the path, visitors will come across many roadside shops teemed the basket, the peach and plum laden table.

Even people back up there where all vehicles sold, passersby on weight loading on the car and carry on. The fun, happy smile on the lips of the people here as a result how their hard day gain.

With its endless plum forests, fields of tea, dairy cows grazing leisurely on the immense green grass fields and beautiful natural landscapes, Moc Chau is certain to give you a very enjoyable holiday

Moc Chau Tea Festival

The third Moc Chau Tea Festival is taking place from April 6 to 8 at Vinatea Moc Chau in Moc Chau town, northern Son La province. Festivities got underway with an introduction of the geographical indication (GI) for Snow Shan (Shan Tuyet) tea from Moc Chau being exported to Thailand.

This April, What is Moc Chau plateau? 1
Photo Namdung9x on the pixabay
Highlights of the festival include a tea-leaf picking contest, an introduction of tea ceremonies and tea products, visits to hill tea plantations and the tea production processes of local tea companies, and musical and artistic performances.

There are also booths showcasing and promoting tourism and cultural products in Moc Chau and a photo exhibition entitled “The Color of the Plateau”, on the landscapes and lives of people in the area.

About 200 km west of Hanoi, Moc Chau Plateau is a popular destination in the northwest region thanks to its cool and fresh atmosphere, endless green tea hills, orchards of plums, peaches and apricots, and gardens of various flowers. The best time to visit is in the spring, when the flowers are in bloom. Its green tea hills and dairy farms are worth visiting year-round, as are Dai Yem Waterfall and the pine forests around Ang village. A trip to the villages of the ethnic Thai and H’Mong people is also worth the effort.

In addition, Hua Tat pine forest, triangular flowers, tea hills, clean Strawberry garden, camping in the homestay ... and many interesting destinations, exciting experiences throughout your journey. Check out Moc Chau tours at:

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