The most beautiful coastal walking road in "Jeju island" in Vietnam

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The romantic scene in front of the ocean, peaceful with rows of fence with many columns painted with crimson white with white rope, no difference in the land of kimchi to enchant those who love nature and like to take pictures.

The most beautiful coastal walking road in "Jeju island" in Vietnam 1
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Situated in the Nhon Ly commune, about 20km from Quy Nhon city, Eo Gio is a tourist destination that visitors to Quy Nhon want to visit once. The high rocky mountains, winding hugged the beach in clear blue water, forming a beautiful strait inlet. The name Eo Gio was born so simple. 

Features of the Wind Eo is rock and water with wild landscape, majestic. The abrasion of water and wind has created a beautiful strait with many caves like Ky Co Cave, Ba Nghe cave, Doi Cave ..

At the foot is De rocky beach, the stones are worn off by waves of many colors and sizes, creating a unique beach. Choose a flat rock, sit back, drop soul into the sea with cool breeze will make your soul ever more serene.

Sea water in Eo Gio is deep blue, waves fluttering spit into the natural rock and coral reefs beautiful color. On low tide days, visitors will find a smooth white sand like ice cream, bent like a crescent moon falling down next to the beach.

Looking down from the top, Eo Wind is full of surprise because of the majestic sensation in the eyes, with towering rocky mountains, steep cliffs, jade green rocks. All of them have created a beautiful landscape with spectacular interference, wild and attractive sea.

The walkway leads down to the rocky beach with a red fence line along the popular trail to Seongsan Ilchulbong, Jeju Island, South Korea, attracting young people to take photos. Come here to admire the scenery and take pictures, you can participate in many interesting activities such as snorkeling, fishing, picnic and especially hunting sunset.

Also, do not forget to visit the fishing village not far away. Next to the fishing village is a pagoda, the statue of Buddha grandmother overlooking the sea is the desire of peace and luck to the fishermen of the fishing village. The best time to visit this place is from April to September, when there is no storm and breezy wind.

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