The Famous French Village Nearly In The Central In Dalat

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Dalat is a wonderful and amazing destination in Vietnam. The place is known as the romantic destination in Vietnam, so Dalat always attracted a lot of tourists visiting each year, especially young couples. In Dalat, you can visit a lot of wonderful destinations; French village is one of the most places to visit in there. Where is it This article will also give you full information about it.

The villa in Le Lai Street consists of 15 units, scattered on a spacious hill, built by the French in the 1920s. Da Lat is often referred to as an “Architecture Museum of France” with more than 1,300 architectural works; ancient villas were built by French settlers. Besides the famous works such as Con Ga Church, train station or Da Lat College of Teachers, the ancient villa on Le Lai is also an indispensable destination.  Furthermore, 17 villas (2 new houses) located on a 17 ha wide hill is considered a French village. At present, this place is an attractive accommodation for many domestic and foreign tourists when traveling to Dalat.

Today, it is restored and renovated to retain the almost intact architecture of each region of France, where the original owners of the mansion. Each villa has its own name, such as Indochina mansion, villa for tourists, archaeologist, painter, the farmer of Brigitte villa, villa Club car and etc. The interiors of the villas are virtually preserved in the process of restoration, from small details such as wooden floor, light switch, window system made of precious wood, fireplace so visitors when coming here feel like staying in a genuine French-style house. Furthermore, the exhibits in the villa are reminiscent of the luxuries of the French elite in the early 20th century in Indochina.

The Famous French Village Nearly In The Central In Dalat 1
Photo by hongmo1991
In addition, of the existing villas, the number 26 is more special, when the owner carved the word “PAX” into the wall and still exists. In Latin and Christian terms, “PAX” means peace, so this mansion is also called “Peace House”. The owner of this house also produced and sold the cottage cheese to the households in the village and surrounding areas at the time.

The Famous French Village Nearly In The Central In Dalat 2
Photo by fameniwits
In the past, Dalat people often referred to this as the residence of the spectacular or in French Cité Bellevue. Over time, although some houses have been degraded space is still French, bringing visitors to Dalat experience a lot of fun. Furthermore, if you need more information for traveling in Dalat, you can visit Trip Ideas to know more.

I hope this article addresses your questions regarding when to visit Da Lat. You will have a wonderful time in the most romantic city of Vietnam! Don’t forget to share your upcoming plans in Vietnam with us. We are here to help, advise and care for your trip as perfectly as possible.

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