Souvenirs of Vietnam: A Little Something for Everyone

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Shopping for souvenirs on your journey can be a daunting task, but most major tourist hubs across the continent feature a wide-variety of unique gifts to bring back to your loved ones. If you’re concerned about finding something special, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of souvenirs for each one of our Vietnam destinations, and the type of person who’d like them. Offering you easy to find, affordable and easily packed presents for everyone back home. Presenting, souvenirs of Vietnam : a little something for everyone.

Classic Souvenir: Pop-up Paper Cards

Pop-up cards are everywhere in Vietnam, particularly the streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. These cards are meticulously cut, feature lovely renditions of famous historical sites or cultural wonders (from the Temple of Literature, to charming cyclos) and are a great simple yet classic gift for folks back home. They usually cost about a dollar per card.

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For the Foodie: Vietnamese Coffee Filters

Vietnam has a lovely affair with coffee. From high quality beans to their very own process of brewing, Vietnamese coffee is one of a kind. Rich, thick, chocolatey and slow, the filters are a must for any foodie curious about the flavours of this coastal nation. Found all over Vietnam, and generally single serve, these offer a great gift for the culinarily inclined. Also, just add ice and condensed milk to make a classic, ca phe sua da.

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Event if you can buy it in Thailand, Malaysia as well (like those countries "unique" souvenirs) but if you are in Vietnam you should think to buy a scarf, silk painting (is quite unique, an iconic art form in Vietnam) or even suit the clothes from silk (tailor can suite ít during ~15 hours). Silk in Vietnam is made on traditional hand looms. You can find beautiful patterns, different colors and sizes. Even if you can buy silk anywhere in Vietnam but one of the best places are Hoi An city, silk village Van Phuc (near Hanoi). The price will be better, more options and quicker service (sewing). Prices begin at about $ 3.00/per meter for 90 cm wide material.

Guoc Moc (woonden clogs) 

Are traditional footwear for males and females in Vietnam. Before females were wearing thế with the traditional Ao Dai dress. Now it's not so traditional wear, but you can still buy thế in stores. I saw some such clogs in Bangkok as well but it looked like brought from Vietnam.

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Conical Hats

Referred as leaf hat or Non La, these are a symbol of Vietnam and can be seen on drums as old as 3000 years. The same can be used as an umbrella during rains and sun protector during summers. 

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