Sapa ...if you are not keen on trekking??

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I do not think you need to think of Sapa as heavy duty trekking- more like a walk for a couple of hours. A lot of the treks can be done downhill- and then get a ride on a motorbike or minibus back up to Sapa so you do not need a high level of fitness or stamina.

I am used to walking around for an hour or so a few nights a week and found the walks in Sapa no effort at all. It is a highlight of Vietnam and I thoroughly enjoyed the views of the rice paddies, villages and people. A good travel agent or guide would have no problem tailoring a walk to fit your needs.

Sapa...if you are not keen on trekking??
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It's not difficult trekking at all; it was more of a walk through the village so that they could show you how the live, so you make stops ask questions, looking at things and don't get tired or sweaty or anything like that. We were there in September and it wasn't that hot at all. don't know about July but Sapa is on higher elevation and I think it's cooler. It's worth the trip; try it and you'll enjoy.

The Northern region is nothing short of stunning. Rice terraces were carved into the hilly or mountainous slopes for crop farming, usually by ethnic minority people. Some are hundreds, some are even thousands of years old. The curving terraces, although man-made, appear to be in complete harmony with the landscape, creating a hypnotic patterning across the hills and valleys. They make spectacular places for hiking and photography. Aside from notable rice terraces, the mountainous region is also a good place to experience ethnic cultures and customs.

Sapa...if you are not keen on trekking?? 1
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Sapa is home to a number of tribal groups such as Black Hmong, Red Dao, Pho Lu and Giay, who farm the terraced rice fields. The region surrounding the town rises high and plunges low into stunning rice terraces. Growing and cultivating fields of rice is the way of life for the hill tribe people for hundreds of years. The rice terrace fields, among the most popular tourist attractions, can be found in the Muong Hoa Valley between Sa Pa town and the Fansipan Mountain. The rice terraces are believed to date primarily from the 15th Century. Everywhere you turn is unbelievable beauty that overwhelms and inspires. A trek in Sapa takes you to hill-tribe villages atop magnificent verdant stacks of rice terraces with stunning mountain vistas and provides an insight into houses and life of ethnic groups of the region.

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