Let's go and find the most beautiful place in Vietnam

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If someone asks me: Where is the most beautiful in Vietnam? I can not answer the name of a region, because going all regions of Vietnam, you will find Vietnam is beautiful everywhere, and has their own beauties of each region. Travelling to Vietnam, you will find and discover its beauty:

Set aside the chaos of life, find the mountains in the North to feel the atmosphere of a highland, peaceful and poetic.

From the road to the scent of grass and flowers, from the pure white of the plum blossom – the rose, the gentle rose of the peach blossom – the triangle flower to the Mu Cang Chai rice terraces.

Let's go and find the most beautiful place in Vietnam?
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Close your eyes and imagine that you are waking up in the early morning with no smoke, noises of traffic, watching the clouds swoop into the balcony of the stilt house, the wind will be a little cold to take a warm breath for your hand. It is a great feeling, but try to ask a question: How many times have you felt that wonderful feeling?

Khau Phau Pass – one of the four great passes of the mountains in the North. The ideal place to stop to look at the majestic mountains and terraced fields are in the draining season or spread a yellow silk of the ripe rice season in Khau Pha.

Halong Bay – where the dragon landed

Let's go and find the most beautiful place in Vietnam? 1
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Halong bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Halong has 1,969 islands rise on the sea, a symbol of Vietnam tourism. Travel Halong Bay to feel the aquamarine picture, the majesty that the nature blesses this place. Halong bay overnight cruise offers different activities such as visiting the fishing village, kayaking, visiting limestone caves or relaxing on the sundeck and watching Halong when the boat is slowly drifting. It will be a memorable experience that you will not forget when you come here.

Explore the mysterious caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

Visit the land of Central Vietnam, where is famous for many beautiful wild and wonderful – Quang Binh cave. The beautiful, unique and extremely spectacular caves are the pride of the people here in particular and Vietnamese in general. The caves like Phong Nha, Son Doong, Thien Duong, Tien Son, Tu Lan,… once you arrive here, you will be amazed by the illusory and sparkling of the limestone caves.

Let's go and find the most beautiful place in Vietnam? 2
Photo by Edgardo W. Olivera
Let’s start Phong Nha tours with spectacular, beautiful and famous caves. An invaluable gift that nature has given to Quang Binh and we are ready to welcome for exploring.

There are many other beautiful sceneries all over Vietnam waiting you to discover and experience. Do not just know your work, go away when possible. You will find that you need to travel more, experience more, to find rest in your soul, remove all the fatigues and get energy for the next efforts. And you will realize, there are many beautiful scenes and many things you learn after these trips.

Ray Bradbury said, “See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream“. Discover the beauty of Vietnam will help you to find a sense of peace, comfort between the chaos of life. Vietnam is beautiful everywhere and let us accompany you on the way to find and explore the beauty of Vietnam.

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