International guests are excited to ride a buffalo, duck quilt in the "kingdom" of caves

Nga Do
Many international guests when coming to the "cave kingdom" Quang Binh is very interested in the experience riding buffalo, duck quilt. Here they also discover the unique culture of ethnic minorities, feel the peace of the village.

Quang Binh is known as the "kingdom" of the cave, which contains more than 300 large and small caves with mysterious and magical beauty, including the world famous Son Doong cave. The cave system of the wonders in Quang Binh is like the fairyland of the land, giving visitors the feeling of admiring the beauty of the labyrinth with huge blocks of natural emery, abrasive slabs Special shapes, cliffs standing up cliffs ...

Not only attractive visitors with beautiful caves, recently experience riding buffalo, duck quilt is also applied in some Homestay in Phong Nha - Ke Bang. The characteristics of this Vietnam's village makes many guests enjoy and want to enjoy.

The visitors will be real farmers, live riding buffaloes, hats, bamboo sticks walking in the rice fields bowls. Feel the peaceful life of the Vietnamese people in every step of the buffalo.

"At first it felt a bit shaky, but then I got used to it, it was a fun experience." What better way to be riding a buffalo, watching the sunset, watching the sunset in the fields That is a very peaceful feeling, your Vietnam is very nice, "a French tourist shared.

Not only riding buffaloes, many Homestay are also bringing the ducks to the campus to serve foreign tourists. The female visitors were very interested in hand-feeding duck flocks, the incarnation of the farmers wearing hat cones, led the duck flock back to the cage to have great memories on the S-shaped land.

Quang Binh is a destination no strangers to many international tourists, but coming to the "cave kingdom" to be ... riding buffalo, duck quilt only appear recently. The introduction of rural tourism products in addition to the purpose of bringing income to people also give you more new experiences.

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