Fansipan - the most ravishing of spots in Vietnam in April

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Known to travelers as the highest peak of Indochina area with the elevation of 3143m. It is not easy to conquer but no need any technical climbing. Following foregoers’ experiences that we should not underestimate its difficulty. Fansipan is the most ravishing of spots in Vietnam in this April.

Fansipan - the most ravishing of spots in Vietnam in April
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The best time to climb is April. During the summer it is somtimes rainy but is still climbable if the weather holds. The climate of Hoang Lien Nature Reserve is unique to Vietnam. Throughout the month of April daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 29°C that's about 84°F. At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 22°C, that's 71°F. In recent times the highest recorded temperature in April has been 38°C that's 101°F, with the lowest recorded temperature 12°C, about 53°F.

April is one of the two best months to climb to Fansipan mountain since it is warm enough, dry and sunshine. The average temperature is around 17 degree C. It is sunshine many days during the month. The weather is extremely nice in the late days of the month. The rainfall is around 140mm.

If you already plan your trip to Fansipan in April, we highly recommend the three-day trek which includes one or two way car transfer from Sapa town the entrance of the Hoang Lien National park. You will only spend one or two days to trek to the summit and one more day for the return. There are also other optional tours which can be combined with your fansipan trekking tours in April including visit to a ethnic highland market, do a mountain bike tour, take a river boat trip on the Chay river…

Trekking Fansipan mountain is not a easy activity. The Fansipan trekking tours are not designed for everyone. Trekkers are required to have a good health. Some pre training is encouraged. People who have heart problems are not encouraged to take part in the tour. When you book the Fansipan trekking tours, please do ask your doctor in advance if a such activity is appropriated.

If you have missed the opportunity to explore Sapa in April, Sapa in May brings you even more amazing beauty from the terraced fields. Are you ready?? 

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