Bun Cha in Hanoi Old Quarter - How to Eat Bun Cha?

Nga Do
Ha Noi is not only famous for the home of beautiful landscape but also the land of great culinary culture in Vietnam. In the capital of Vietnam, you can find many delicious local dishes, especially- bun cha. This simple dish is a great combination of savory and fresh, it has vibrant colors and the harmony of the meat and vegetables makes this dish special.

Bun Cha (Bún Chả) is a Hanoi food creation featuring the all mighty rice noodle as a key ingredient. Unlike Pho’s flat wide noodles, Vietnamese Bun Cha noodles are the thinner, vermicelli shaped “bun”. If you’re wondering how to eat Bun Cha, it’s easy – you just dip the bun noodles into a bowl of sauce flavored with heaping mounds of fresh herbs (mostly a type of Vietnamese shiso), sliced papaya, red chili and garlic.

Bun Cha - How to Eat Bun Cha?
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Hanoi Bun Cha is the essence of Vietnamese culinary simplicity – the mixture of just a few elements in the making of Bun Cha defines Hanoi cuisine. There’s no confusion in Bun Cha – just the simplicity of pork, garlic, greens, noodles and fish sauce. If you’re wondering how to eat Bun Cha, it’s easy. Diners may add chili to the dipping sauce, but, like most food in Hanoi, there are not many condiment options. Like most food in Hanoi, good Bun Cha is no-nonsense cuisine.

But wait, there’s more to the Bun Cha recipe! We can’t forget our two favorite ingredients, grilled pork (Cha) and spring rolls, as these are the components that give Bun Cha that extra oomph of flavor and texture. If you’re walking down a street in Hanoi and see pork being grilled over an open charcoal fire, chances are that it’s going to wind up on a plate of Bun Cha.

Bun Cha’s Time has Come

Hanoi cuisine is all about the elements. With Pho, it’s all about flavor interaction between broth, meat and noodles. In Bun Cha, grilled, caramelized edges of grilled ground pork interact with hearty fresh noodles, fatty pork belly, funky fish sauce and fresh fragrant herbs. When eating Pho and Bun Cha in Hanoi restaurants, where the best herbs, noodles and ingredients are available, the flavors are what many chefs would call ‘clean.’ Diners can identify each unique element and yet the flavors harmonize to create something wonderful.

Try out the bun cha to feel the sophisticated taste of Vietnamese cuisine. Have fun rolling in the food world of Vietnam. Our guides are always ready to welcome you into the experience journey: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/location/hanoi-tours/

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