Bac Ha Sunday Market - Highlights Of The Northwest Tourism

Nga Do
Visitors to Sapa must not miss the interesting tour, which is the Bac Ha market, a popular highland market in the northwest. The journey not only brings you to the beauty of Sapa, but more when participating in this trip you also have the opportunity to participate and explore the beauty of the market through the Bac Ha - The largest market of the North ethnic minorities meet weekly one session on Sunday. That is one of the highlights of the northwest tourism in Vietnam.

Bac Ha Sunday Market - Highlights Of The Northưest Tourism
Photo by Truth'soutthere
Bac Ha Market located at 700m above the sea level. It's far from Sapa round 95km and 55km from Lao Cai city. It's called as a "little Sapa" while it’s a lot much less developed for tourism. Bac Ha market is perfect destination for whom like off-the-beaten-track treks to go to vibrant weekly markets. The Bac Ha market in particular function local scenes which were occurring each week for generations. It's the place cattle, horses, goats and canines are purchased and offered, in addition to many traditional items like saddles plus elaborate textiles, handbags and different trinkets made by the local tribes people, the Flower Hmong. Their intricately woven day by day costume is one of the major drawing factors in itself. That is an extremely stunning a part of Vietnam.

Bac Ha Sunday Market - Highlights Of The Northwest Tourism 1
Photo by Truth'soutthere
It’s a really convenient place to discover the surrounds, and basing your self right here rather than Sapa will knock off about three hours of journey time each way on a day trip to most of the local weekly markets. And, at lower than half the altitude of Sapa, the climate right here is more likely to be more clement in winter months, with a mean year-round temperature of 19 levels Celsius (four levels, on average, warmer).

However don’t count on any pizzas or breathtaking mountain views. Bac Ha remains to be, at first, an area market city, and the tourist trade is just being added on, wherever it matches in. That is in fact a part of the attraction — though count on to still be bothered by H’mong hawkers.

At the end of May, early June, people here start plum harvest. Early in the morning, the villages were transported plum to the district center for sale. Many dealers in the area with motorcycles, trucks busy to buy.

While in many areas the summer sun as burned as burning, Bac Ha is still cool, trees are still green in the light sunshine, mist. Early morning in the cold, you will have a chance to stroll among the plum forest, with a hand picking a ripe berries, bite lightly to sweet sour to the tip of the tongue, scented to spread the flavor of the forest, The smell of fresh sun, blush on the face of the village girl.

Bac Ha Sunday Market - Highlights Of The Northwest Tourism 3
Photo by Maria Hsu
Going to the Bac Ha market, immersed in the brilliant colors of H'mong traditional costume, thousands of people, no one escaped the ecstasy of corn wine in white plateau.

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