9 interesting experiences when participating in the Bac Ha highland market

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Famous for its primitive features and characteristics of the uplands of Vietnam, Bac Ha highland market is the destination can not be missed by every visitor to Sapa. It is not like the central market though small in cities, is not modern but still it does not lack anything you want but more, it gives you other interesting. When travelling to Bac Ha market, you will feel better about people here, the panoramic view of the highland market.

If you are wondering where to go this weekend, Bac Ha is the ideal destination. Take time to come to Bac Ha Fair in Lao Cai. Make sure there is no air or crowded traffic of motorcycles, convertibles, sirens and loud noises. One place, you can relax, do not be afraid to not own anything. In particular, there is also a very new experience.

So far, this market is usually open only one day a week that is on Sunday. Here, you can enjoy many specialties such as rice noodle, Thang Co, sticky rice, corn cake, ... Buy souvenirs to friends and relatives or highland specialties. Let's experience a whole market.

9 interesting experiences when participating in the Bac Ha highland market
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The snack

Probably, to the market whether large or small, the snack can not be missed here. On the main road to the market, you will see from the morning the cake shop is sold everywhere. The yellow cake is inside made from many different ingredients. Especially, do not spend much money, the cake is only under 5000 VND. You will be satisfied with your snack.

Enjoy Thang Co - traditional food

In the local dishes of ethnic people, when participating in the Bac Ha market, you do not forget to taste Thang Co. This dish is considered traditional H'mong food, it is a pot of boiling water that has meat, cattle and other organs, mainly horse meat, now has more buffalo meat and pork. You will see the pot of smoke, mixed with the smell of spicy, attractive. You only lose about 30,000 VND for a Thang Co.

Have breakfast with Pho Chua - Famous dish

In addition to Thang Co, traditional dishes of Bac Ha are as popular as Pho Chua, including Pho Chua, Phở mix and Phở Chan with many ingredients, in which Pho Chua is most famous and almost unlike any other. Here, you should try to spend 20,000 to eat a bowl of Phở in the morning. In particular, the Pho here are not as white as other places, which are light brown. The new Pho fibers are still warm, with a little bit of pork, raw vegetables, peanuts and finally sour water - elements that make it an irresistible attraction.

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Enjoy the corn wine

Whether you sit on the table of Thang Co or Pho, you can also include some of the famous Northwestern corn wine to add to the richness. This is considered the specialty of the H'Mong, Dao in Bac Ha. The area is mainly located right next to the path leading to Brocade sale area. Before you buy wine, you can taste each kind of wine. You will be attracted to the image of men drunk to tease girls passing.

Buy bonsai, orchids

Sure, when you go in the main way, you have been attracted by the orchid forest with a variety of different. The orchid trees are still green, available for sale, you can freely choose the orchid you like. Orchids hanging in the house is nothing more beautiful. The price is not too expensive, it ranges from a few dozen to 100,000 VND

9 interesting experiences when participating in the Bac Ha highland market 2
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Buy herbs, precious medicinal plants

If you want to buy medicinal plants, Bac Ha market on the weekend will be full of these for you. Can also be bought as gifts for friends, family, especially the elderly.

Chat, take pictures with native people

Not as famous as singers or idols, but you will see that, in this market, visitors both at home and abroad are taking advantage of the opportunity to chat and take pictures with indigenous Peoples . Because they are very open and cheerful, you should also try to talk and practice with their ethnic language, which is quite interesting.

9 interesting experiences when participating in the Bac Ha highland market 3
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Immerse yourself in buying souvenirs made from Brocade

If you can not drink a lot of corn wine, you can taste a little bit and then move to the brocade. In addition to selling food and drink, Bac Ha is also famous for its exquisite brocade weaves, which can be hats, scarves, handbags, pillow cases, neck bracelets .. Make sure you are satisfied with the products sold that you want to go home.

Don't forget to visit the market selling cattle and poultry

At the end of the journey to explore Bac Ha market, also located at the end of the market is a high hill separate from the brocade sales, food or fresh food. You will see pictures of ethnic people bringing dogs, chickens, pigs or cattle to. Here, you have the opportunity to buy a cute and wise puppy.

Not too hard, if you want to go to Bac Ha market. Because Bac Ha is about 70km from the center of Lao Cai city in the direction of Yen Bai and 300km from Ha Noi. Choose for yourself the journey to discover Sapa and Bac Ha market at: http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/tour-category/sapa-tours/

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