The Golden Age of Homestay Travel

Nga Do
Homestay service has been popular in many Western countries. In Vietnam, homestay is emerging as a new trend in rural areas as international visitors have  strong being close to nature, engaging in interesting outdoor activities and  demand for exploring daily indigenous life and culture in Viet Nam.

In recent years social travel networks have become increasingly popular, largely thanks to a rising interest in experiential and responsible tourism. Travellers are looking for new ways to engage with local communities and delve into the heart of a country’s culture.

One of the best ways to gain a genuine insight into your destination is to opt for a homestay. Offering something a night in a hotel can never provide, they give you a real experience of local life, connect you with like-minded people and can provide a vital source of revenue in struggling economies. The homestay travel offers more than just the experience for a trip.

The Golden Age of Homestay Travel
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1. To explore somewhere new

Homestays provide the chance to get to know a destination you probably wouldn't have explored otherwise. Not only could you find a neighbourhood, town, or village yet to feature on the tourist map, but you'll learn about local customs and traditions, from eating habits to family routines.

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2. For memorable meals

Many hosts will rustle up a traditional meal, or include breakfast in the price of the room. Take this opportunity to sample authentic dishes – a traditional Pho in Hanoi or special Au Tau porridge in Ha Giang.

If you want to put your own culinary skills to the test, offer to help out and you'll likely head home with a new recipe or two up your sleeve. You could even cook a traditional dish from your own country to share with your host, making the experience one of genuine cultural exchange.

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3. For a warm welcome

While hotels try to distance themselves from the one-size-fits-all image and sell themselves as being “a home away from home”, they never really are. Especially in larger hotels, rooms can feel anonymous and have little personality.

Homestays, on the other hand, may be less polished but are much more welcoming. You're often encouraged to feel at home – even part of the family. If you’re travelling solo, you’ll find you have someone to share your experiences with, and people who want to hear all about your day.

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4. To understand a new culture

Join a homestay tour to get the chance to explore, learn everything. They will be ready to talk to you about many social stories, stories in the area, or reminder of the customs of that place for you to understand.

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5. For a language lesson

Hanging out with a resident means ample chance to practise your language skills. Many hosts inevitably speak English, but will happily support you as you learn. This is a great chance for you to gain a better understanding of the local language, and pick up some new phrases.

Take advantage and ask your host to translate some key sentences that you’ll need as you explore the area. Even if you make a few mistakes, trying to communicate will help you create a bond with your host and the people you meet on your trip.

Forget about luxury hotels, try one of the homestay experiences, experience the different regions of the world, what you get will be invaluable.

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