Special Vacation For Summer 2018

Nga Do
One of Vietnam Typical Tours’s favourite itineraries, this trip is full of charm and splendour. With 7 days of pahs from the bustling capital city of Hanoi to the mountains of the north with breathtaking views and finally the midst of the bay built by thousands of unique limestone islands, take the time to get to know each destination and uncover its secrets, whether it is the French architecture in the heart of the capital, the strangest street food in Hanoi, the terraces with the minority groups in Sapa or relax on luxury yachts in Bai Tu Long Bay. Along the way you’ll be welcomed by passionate locals who love showing you the best Vietnam has to offer.

For many travelers, the northwest of Vietnam is a real feast for the eyes, not only for its awe-inspiring nature, but also for its colorful ethnic culture. This beautiful region is a superb mosaic painting of vibrant colours. Impressive mountains, amazing terraced rice fields, agricultural activity in rhythm with the seasons and fascinating ethnic markets, all with capture your heart.

Special Vacation For Summer 2018
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A special holiday in Vietnam can not be missed Sapa, The town is surrounded by the craggy “Vietnamese Alps,” including 10,312-foot Mount Fansipan, the highest mountain in the country. The slopes of the mountains around Sapa are famous for their terraced rice paddies, tended to by colorfully dressed ethnic minority people who look as though they are straight out of a National Geographic magazine.

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In particular, this trip will lead you to Topas Ecoodge 18 km from Sapa town,a great ecological area to relax with  the opportunity to experience the highlights of northern Vietnam; the ethnic communities with their unique cultures, the deep valleys covered by terraced rice fields, the breathtaking... Topas Ecolodge also attracts visitors with infinity swimming poll and views down the valley with majestic mountains. Drop yourself in the pool with one side of the sky, one side of the abyss, the feeling will definitely be extremely interesting.

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Continue your journey with a visit to Bai Tu Long Bay, a pearl beside the world cultural heritage Halong Bay. Bai Tu Long Bay is Halong Bay’s northern counterpart, and it’s just as spectacular—maybe even a little more so—than its more famous sister to the south. Since it lacks the UNESCO designation, it isn’t nearly as visited as Halong Bay. The hundreds of tiny, uninhabited islands, caves and limestone towers are just as magical, and there are far fewer people and cruise ships to mar the scenery.

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Welcome the last days of the journey with the beautiful capital Hanoi in the sunshine, trees and friendly people. Visit the crooked streets of the old quarter, laurel with great street food in a blue plastic chair. That, the simple experience but the extremely fun, it will be beautiful memories every time you repeat.

This is just one of the most general views of this trip, if you're interested in it, check out the detail itinerary at: http://sapatoursfromhanoi.com/tour/hanoi-sapa-topas-ecolodge-halong-bay-7-days/

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