5 special fruits of the Northwest Mountains

Nga Do
There is a reason why tourists are surprised when talking about fruit in Vietnam. stretching from north to south, fresh fruits of each region have different characteristics and flavors. Not as abundant in the Mekong Delta, but the mountains of the Northwest of Vietnam have a number of attractive fresh fruits that are characteristic of the mountains.

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In the summer, there are many kind of fruit expected, such as: Bich Nhi peach, Meo apple, green plum… If you travel to Northwest mountain in this season, don’t forget to enjoy those fruits or buy some as a gift for your beloved

Peaches in Bich Nhi, SaPa

On the mountain side in Sapa (Lao Cai), Bich Nhi peaches start to become red on trees. Peach trees are in flower in spring and have fruits in summer. These peaches are grown by Mong ethnic and kept in bamboo baskets. Then, they are sold in early market; becoming favorite fruit.

Red plum in Ta Van, Sapa

In the summer, red plum trees are weighed down with fruits over Ta Van, Sapa. Red plum here has deep red, smooth. It is sour and a ripe one is sweet; nonetheless, it is easy to be decay when over ripe. Ta Van‘s red plum can be used to make fruit wine, especially in June.

Tam Hoa plum in Bac Ha, Lao Cai

Ethnic people in Bac Ha, Lao Cai are proud of Tam Hoa plum. In 1980, these trees become economic trees in Bac Ha. In spring, plum trees blossom with white flower on over H’mong village, then in summer it weighed down with fruit. Bac Ha is known as “Tam Hoa plum land” which plum trees are grown nearly 1000ha and harvested 3000 ton/year.

Phap Peach, Plum in Moc Chau

Phap peach are grown the most in Moc Chau (Son La). This peach has half red and half yellow on its skin when riped; some are smooth and the rest have lanugo. All of them have very good smell, a little sour and fresh sweet.

Meo apple Tu Le

Meo apple Tu Le is the most delicious fruit in Vietnam. Meo apple tree are in blossom in March and weighed down with fruits in September. Meo apple taste is tart and used to make fruit wine which the more you drink the more you feel sweet.

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