3 Most Popular Travel Experiences In Sapa In March

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Sometimes, Sapa's call is heard in the heart, sometimes the feeling of driving the car on the streets of the majestic mountain pass and breathe in the heavenly sky in the northwest. Then select March as the time to start the discovery journey Sapa, carrying the balo on the road follow the call of the heart, remember to find Sapa as the lover is waiting in the distance.

March Sapa - watching terraced fields during the water season

Sometimes people are sad when the fascinating picture of the terraces of gold nursery every day lonely on the mountain slope, shyly nestled in the green primary forests of a color. But in March, when the ethnic minority people in the uplands began to transplant rice, we saw a new vitality is coming, lightly greening the ladder to the foreground scene.

3 Most Popular Travel Experiences In Sapa In March
Photo by vietnampeoplelandscape on the pixabay
From above, the terraces of Sapa appear very strange, green color of the plating mixed with brown soil of the transplanted land and looming on it is the image of the farmers is working. A scene of moving people makes us call on the people here are talented artists when they can create such masterpieces, harmonious in the green color of the plating, the silver color of water, the reddish brown of the earth and the color of the sky. The randomness of creativity combined with the purposeful rendering of people bring a beautiful Sapa paintings that people expect the time to  look forever fall on the field in March.

March Sapa - watching peach blossom blooming late

There are days in spring, Sapa as sunk in the cold snow, then when the sunshine sweet in March, the new peach has the opportunity to bloom all over space. Peach blossom late bloom brings Sapa a poetic beauty, the land is thinner than the sky in pure white, as shy as the girl in the highlands.

Then on the road to the border region, anywhere we can also encounter the shimmering peach blossom in the morning sunshine, overwhelmed villages, the peach trees blooming on the road to the market.

Each branch of the peach such as that adorn Sapa quiet days in March, suddenly while strolling on the street corner familiar or wandering in the village of the Hmong people, suddenly find yourself as lost in the dream world, peace.

3 Most Popular Travel Experiences In Sapa In March 2
Photo by Fede Maiz
March Sapa - drunk in the aroma of wine

March is the time when Sapa sunk in the cold air, and after the time traveling on the streets, people crave the feeling of sitting on the kitchen fire, enjoy a little bit of cider wine for added vitality. .

Cat apple wine have long been a specialty of Sapa land, the sweet wine is extracted from the simple fruits of the North West highland, the contents of the sacred soil of heaven and the passion of human nature. native.

Sitting next to the fire flickering, together to tell interesting stories on each journey or listen to the people in their lives, a little bit of apple cider suddenly see the lingering, do not understand drunk or drunk love People in stained glass in the sky.

March brings a sweet dream for the mountain Sapa. You are ready to leave behind the daily routine, find Sapa to live the quietest days of life, chasing the wind in the clouds, touching early morning fog and pondering in the love song that created gift to the remote traveler. We are here, always ready to welcome you with a warm heart ! Vietnam Typical Tours

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