Which kind of flower/tree do Vietnamese people cherish the most during Tet holidays?

Nga Do
Tet holidays are the days of relaxation, happiness and joy. And similar to pine tree for Christmas holiday in the West, Vietnamese also use many kinds of flowers and plants to decorate our houses in this special period. Above all, there are 3 kinds of plants that cannot be missing in Tet holidays: peach flower, yellow apricot flower and marumi kumquat.

Peach Flower Blossom

Peach flowers blossom in spring - during Tet holidays while most other flowers still stay silent, symbolizing the strong vitality and a brave heart. The pink color of peach flowers shows the love and joy spread among people in this unique time of the year. Peach flower has 2 kinds: light peach with light pink color and Nhat Tan - Hanoi's specialty peach with dark pink color (nearly red).

Marumi Kumquat Tree

A tree with all 5 characteristiecs: full of truits, flowers, leaves, branches and roots is a symbol for wealth and happiness for the new year. The tips for choosing a good plant are generated accordingly: the tree must have both ripe and green fruits, mature leaves and new bud - which represents eewalth and luck brought to the family in the new year.

Yellow Apricot Flower

The ochna integerrima in the South has another meaning. The golden yellow of the flower mean the nodle roots of Vietnamese (folktales said that the ancestors of Vietnamese is a couple  of dragon and fairy). The high rate of blossom of the flower in Tet holidays also symbolizes the wealth and passionate love among people.

In addition, some people even try to get peach flower trees/branches from the mountains due to its impressive vitality, other Vietnamese usually buy those special plants from the flower market from lunar mid-December and keep them fresh by watering daily until lunar mid-January of the New Year. Even, until the end of the lunar January, you can see some flower branches in some families.

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