Fairyland in Moc Chau in Plum Blossom Season

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White plum blossom is seen as a characteristic beauty of Moc Chau which not every place has. Moc Chau plum blossom season often come in the first days of the calendar year, a little before Tet Festival, the white plum flowers will pervade the vast and infinite, rising above the lush grasslands of Moc Chau.

Fairyland in Moc Chau in Plum Blossom Season
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Coming to Moc Chau in the white plum blossom season, you will like to go to the fairyland where white plum blossoms all over the hills and valleys, creating beautiful scenery like paradise midway between clouds.

The road is favorable, the climate is cool all year and the flora of the season bloom … making Moc Chau always the number one address for short breaks in the North.

White plum blossom flowers are characteristic of Moc Chau plateau. After the cold winter days, when the weather began to warm up, plum orchards in Moc Chau, began to bloom white flowers in the mountains, creating a poetic and romantic scenery. Beautiful plum blossom not only because of fragility, pure but also because when hatched, flowers will burst out massively.

Fairyland in Moc Chau in Plum Blossom Season 1
Photo by pixabay
According to travel experience Moc Chau “hunt plum blossom”, the time when the flowers are most beautiful plum blooms are from the end of January to February. However, depending on the weather every year that plum blossom time may be sooner or later. However, Moc Chau plum blossom season is very fast, only brilliant in 2-3 weeks and then faded away to replace the lovely plum.

The most beautiful blooms are Phieng Canh, Van Ho, Luong Luong, Ba Khe, Thong Cuong, Pa Phach, Tan Lap, Anh village … especially you have to deep in the village to have beautiful frames. In particular, the forest area in the village of Ang and the road to Long Sap gate is the place with the most plum blossom, the most beautiful plum blossom.

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