8 Vietnam Vacations That Feel Like You’re Abroad

Nga Do
The world outside there are many places that I dream of coming to but have not had a chance. As Japan, Mongolia, Korea ... to Santorini, France, England ... So, if you have not had a chance to go abroad, try to go and experience the following 8 places in Vietnam right now. Male. Ensuring you will be amazed at the scenery in those places, it is like a miniature replica of famous destinations in the world.

#1. Great Wall in Ninh Binh

Dance Cave is an attractive destination of Ninh Binh, the most visitors check-in today by the beautiful beauty of Vietnam. Located at the foot of the mountain of the relics community in ancient Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh. Stand at the foot of the mountain and look up, you can clearly see the stone steps winding up the mountain.

With nearly 500 stone steps, this majestic, beautiful and attractive setting makes you think of the Great Wall of China. The view from the top of the Cave is really stunning.

#2: Sapa snow white as beautiful as Europe

Vietnam is a tropical country, the place where the snow falls are people waiting for the whole year. The town of Sapa is normally beautiful, this probably does not need to be added, the snow season in white is even more beautifully beautiful. Especially, in Sapa, the French spirit is always present in the architectural beauty of the works here, so Sapa in the snow season is no different to Europe.

#3: Coming to Da Nang check-in Santorini of Greece

Passing at the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge, find address 1A Le Van Duyet, Son Tra district, Da Nang is you've been to Island Studios. The white houses, located between the blue sky, surrounded by the sea, the grass and flowers, it is like Santorini in the middle of Da Nang.

With the sun shining, the cool breeze of salty sea, the Mediterranean air show clearly. Certainly will bring a lot of spirit "virtual life" to produce beautiful photos love.

#4: French Village on Ba Na Hill, Da Nang

Designed by French architects, the building has long been expected to bring a style of both ancient and modern architecture of the West to Ba Na Hill. Walking in this village, you will spoiled by the romantic beauty of France in every corner of the street, cafe, shop ... And of course, the photo will also be beautiful "western style" always.

#5: Four island Binh - standard Maldives in Vietnam

Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien and Binh Ba are collectively known as Tu Binh, which is famous for its pristine beaches, such as "Maldives in miniature" in Vietnam. Maldives sea paradise is too famous for the long beach color blue water in the bright sunlight. But not too far away, in Vietnam also owns the beauty of paradise with Tu Binh including 4 islands of Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien and Binh Ba.

#6: Mui Dinh - Mongolian meadow

"Mongolian meadow of Vietnam" is located about 30km from Phan Rang city. From Ho Chi Minh City, take National Highway 1A to Ca Na junction and turn right along the coastal road about 20 km to. The characteristic terrain of this place is the vast sand dunes, sunny and wind like a desert sub. Passing through this "sand desert" is clear water beach, blue sky with rocky mountains bobbing around.

The huge tents, characteristic of the meadow will make you add interest to this place. Rent a tent overnight and enjoy the real life of the nomadic people.

#7: A very different Dubai in Vietnam

Referring to Dubai is to think of modern works, think of what luxury, splendor, rich. But Dubai also attracts world tourists with beautiful white deserts overwhelmed by immense nature.

In Vietnam there is such a place! It is an eco-tourism M'Đrăk located downtown. Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak about 100km. This place does not seem to be well-known, so the romantic, mystical landscape full of mysteries, bearing bold beauty of the Highland forest, still shows up clearly. Pure white sand, lush green ponds, groomed horses grazing in the midst of the heavens will delight you as soon as you arrive.

#8: Japanese scene spread throughout Dalat, Lam Dong

Japan is a dream city of many people, who do not want to go to Japan for a trip. Fortunately, if you have not had a chance to go to Xu Phu Tang, go to Da Lat, to feel a bit of Japanese scenery here.

With wooden houses mixed with blooming cherry blossoms, you will feel lost in Japan when visiting XQ Dalat Historical Park at 258 Mai Anh Dao Street, Ward 8, Ho Chi Minh City. Da Lat to see, this place is really pretty!

In addition, Vietnam has many other destinations with outstanding natural scenery. Connect with us to get detailed exploration itinerary in Vietnam: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/contact-us/

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