Tung Lo Mo - Cham's unique food

Nga Do
In An Giang, Cham people have a strange dish from the name to the processing, attractive to all who have ever enjoyed. That is Tung Loom.

Tung Lo Mo - Cham's unique food

In the Cham "tung" means intestine, "Lo Mo" is a cow, translated into Vietnamese means sausage cow. For Cham people, it is a dish with bold national identity. And with the customers, Tung is really a fun gift, delicious, strange and nutritious.

However, few know that this dish is associated with a Cham legend.

According to legend, in the chaos of the earth completely quiet. Feeling sad when there is no life on earth, God (Allah) sent messengers to get the angel to four types of clay black, white, yellow, red constitute the first man Nabi Adam, body but not soul. The appearance of Adam has made the devil fear their authority will be lost. Wait for Adam to fall asleep, pulling back and defecate on him to humiliate. 

When he woke up, he found that his whole body was stinking, he was suffering and very shameful. God sent the water in heaven bath Adam. During the cleansing process, the dirt on Adam's body has turned into a pig, a dog. After the washing, Adam swore: "Pig and dog are my enemy and my children later." (hoidulich.com) 

Therefore, for the Cham (Muslim) pork is taboo food. To enjoy the sausage, they made sausage with beef - Tung Lo Mo. The Tung Lo Mo of Cham people fascinates people from the preparation of raw materials to the processing of strange. Cow's sausage made according to the Cham root is to take the meat "recovery" of the cow such as sliced ​​broken beef on the bones, beef fat and cow intestines. However, to get the most out of the oven, one must get delicious beef like: thighs, corn or lean beef from the bone. After the deodorizing of cows with alcohol and ginger, beef is removed all the tendons and mucus are cleansed.

When making sausage, meat and beef tallow must be at the rate of two portions of meat, with one serving of fat and beef fat used as sausage, which is thin, medium fat and greasy like grease. Then, mix the meat mixture with pepper, anise, some common spices and an esoteric spice of the Cham.For Tung Lo Mo to become a unique delicacies, Cham people put in a special material - cold rice. Cold rice is cooled when fermented with sour taste to eat.

Enjoy Tung Lo Mo the most correct is grilled on charcoal. Spread the fuzzy nine to eat there. We will feel the sweetness of meat and beef fat, the sour taste of cold rice to ferment together with spicy seasoning of chili. Dumplings must eat with basil, cilantro and sweet paprika pickled and sweetened with black soy sauce, chili sauce to feel the combination of interesting Cham people.

Cham people often make Tung Lo Mo to eat in the family and treat you. Sitting around the kitchen fire flames spread wild, just ripe to eat there and just chat people feel completely out of this dish. Tung boom is not only a precious food of culture, unique in cuisine but also chan feelings of Cham people.

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