Top 5 tourist destinations in northern Vietnam most attractive in the Spring

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Spring is the most beautiful season of the year, when the whole the country became brilliant with thousands of flowers blossom. Let welcome 2018 by taking Vietnam tours packages, going sightseeing the wonderful flowers throughout this country. But first of all, please take a look at our suggestion places below where are called Flower Paradises in Vietnam.

Top 5 tourist destinations in northern Vietnam most attractive in the Spring
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team
1. Sapa, Lao Cai

Sapa is the most prominent tourist destination in the North in the spring that you should not overlook in the process of conquering the beauty of its nature. Sapa beautiful because nature scenic beauty and history. Every spring, Sapa will have many peach blossoms, plum blossom flowers. Breaking point creates a picture of wild nature for Sapa is the white pear flowers grow in the mountain rugged.

It can be said, the nature painting in Sapa makes the traveler away and still want to go back to look. Where is the New Year holiday? Why do not you think of Sapa? If you have come to Sapa, do not forget to visit Fansipan - considered as the roof of Indochina, visit Muong Hoa Valley, Sa Pa Stone church, Sa Pa Market, Ham Rong Mountain, Ta Phin Village, Cat Cat Village ... !

Top 5 tourist destinations in northern Vietnam most attractive in the Spring 1
Photo by Amira Cao
2. Mocchau plateau

Mocchau plateau is a mountainous province in the north, 200km from Hanoi. Mocchau beautiful by many scenes, today, young people together with Ta Xua to find beautiful photos. In the cold weather of spring, clouds of clouds floating, billowing, flowers peach brilliant, blooming crystal clear, wild, sure Mocchau will bring you the experience is hard to forget.

In addition to Ta Xua, if the beautiful spring tourism in Mocchau is also: Son Moc Huong cave, Green tea hills, Dai Yem waterfall...

Top 5 tourist destinations in northern Vietnam most attractive in the Spring 3
Photo by Donald Trung
3. Ha Noi bustling flower markets before Tet Holiday

By far, the New Year flower market has become one of the characteristics of Vietnamese Tet Holiday. Tet is coming and Ha Noi becomes more and more bustle with hundred of flower markets open to sell spring blossom.

The biggest one is in Hang Luoc street (The Combs Street). It is said that your Vietnam tours in Hanoi before Lunar New Year could not be fulfilled without a tour to flower market in Hang Luoc street. A special feature of the flower market is it is located right in the heart of the old town where people go shopping for Tet can leisurely go from this street to another to purchase what they want. If you’re a flower enthusiast or an extremely early morning riser, make sure to include Hang Luoc Flower Market in your travel itinerary.

In addition to flowers, a lot of sophisticated and meticulous handmade sculptures attract many foreign tourists when enjoying their Vietnam tour packages.

Beside Hang Luoc, there are flower markets opening from early morning until midnight like Hoang Hoa Tham market, and the others are open at night until the next day such as Me Linh, Tay Luu, Quang Ba flower markets. Besides, from very early in the morning, rural women carry small peach branches to the streets to sell for those who want to enjoy the early atmosphere of Tet.

Top 5 tourist destinations in northern Vietnam most attractive in the Spring 2
Photo by Mini Nguyen
4. Halong Bay

As one of the great spring travel destinations for the faraway traveler, Ha Long Bay will make you panic by the magnificent scenery. Is one of the seven most beautiful natural wonders of today. When you come to Ha Long Bay you will be sailing on the bay to see the complete range of limestone islands and shale structures and majestic.

The great sights of Halong Bay that you should not miss are Con Coc, Ga Choi Island, Ngoc Vung Island, Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Bai Tu Long Bay.

Top 5 tourist destinations in northern Vietnam most attractive in the Spring 4
Photo by qiv
5. Da Lat put on a pinkish spring coat

As Tet (Lunar New Year) is nearing, a number of streets in Da Lat of Lam Dong Province now look their best for the holiday. “Mai Anh Dao,” an elegant blend between cherry blossoms and apricot flowers, typically bloom around the end of the year and continue blossoming until after Tet. A number of tourists time their trips to Da Lat to coincide with the flowering season, when several streets and hillsides put on a pinkish spring coat.

There are many interesting destinations, special activities in Vietnam during Lunar New Year, do not miss these attractive trips with us. Connect with us soon to get the perfect journey to discover Vietnam:

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