The best destinations for easy trekking in Sapa

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Sapa is located in the North of Vietnam, close to the border of China. This area contains impressive rice terraces, colorful people and the highest mountain in Vietnam, the Fansipan.

It is certain that the mountainous picturesque town of Sapa, which is favored with lovely beauty and ideal conditions to grow a wide range of fauna and flora, is one of the best places to experience trekking in Vietnam. From easy routes like walking around the town center, paying a visit to one of these tribal villages to the more difficult ones like conquering to the top of Fansipan at the height of 3,143 meters above sea level, Sapa offers different trekking routes suitable for travelers of all skill levels. No matter how hard these routes are and how exhausted you will feel, the postcard created by great valleys, enormous green/yellow terraced rice fields and various fantastic attractions on the trekking routes deserve your effort.

The best destinations for easy trekking in Sapa
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It is not only a destination for adventure enthusiasts but trekking in Sapa is suitable for people and all ages. Not to mention the difficult trekking routes, the adventure, here are some routes, the perfect destination for easy trekking in Sapa.

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat Village is located in a deep valley off Fansipan road. The scenery along Fanxipan Street was beautiful. The trek downhill overlooks layers of green mountains with slopes beautifully terraced for rice farming. Magnificent vistas and a verdant grandeur like this are probably what make Sapa famous. 

The village is very deep and there are many flights of stone steps going down. Lining this path are shops selling souvenirs and all types of ethnic handicrafts. Beautiful rice terraces can be seen from the village. Those who are willing to trek deeper into the village will probably be awarded with more amazing views. It's a wonder how the tribal people managed to carve out such artistic landscape on the mountain slopes. 

The best destinations for easy trekking in Sapa 1
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Muong hoa valley 

Muong Hoa is one of the most famous destination for breathtaking scenery and is the largest farmland for rice growing in SaPa. It is far from town about 14 kilometers. Going to visit Muong Hoa, you can trek along Muong Hoa River sneaking through the valley nearby SaPa town. This valley lies between two high ranges of mountains running in parallel south-east of SaPa town. On the way, you can learn more about how is the rice cultivating.

Visiting Muong Hoa Valley, you will enjoy an easy walk downhill and along Muong Hoa River, through terraced fields passing some hamlets of the H’Mong people as Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai…, watching locals at work. The night you spend in Ta Van village. The unique village in SaPa area where Giay minority live, will be an excellent and remarkable experience.

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