Enjoy the gift of winter Hanoi: Sandworm?

Nga Do
Annually, since late October, the Hanoians begin to look forward to the cuisine "rươi" - one kind of sandworm which can please the most picky tongue. In fact, the sandworm has two seasons, which is around April, May and September, October. In particular, the second sandworm season is considered to be the most popular season. It's easy to understand, because  sandworm in this time is usually fat and tasty.

Therefore, looking forward to every sandworm season has become a habit of the Hanoi people from ancient to present. Among the long list of sandworm dishes, most popular certainly include the sandworm sausages and spring rolls. Sandworm sausages is almost the most popular, which is a mix of sandworm with finely chopped meats, eggs, tangerine peel then added spices. Next, fry the mixture over a low heat. It must be dipped with sweet and sour sauce, some green papaya and green vegetables.

Another preferred one is sandworm spring rolls. Sandworm rolls are somewhat more complex than sausages. Sandworm will be mixed with meat, eggs, carrots, onions, mushrooms and tangerine peel ..., all should be cut into small pieces as in normal spring rolls. Mixed ingredients will be wrapped in rice paper rolls and fried in hot fat pan.

Because the sandworm is delicious but rare, today people have tried to keep the sandworm in many ways to be eaten all year round. In the past, grandparents made roasted sandworm, using a pot of lined banana leaf, roasting and puting it in a sealed container and served with fresh vegetables, however this method is now rarely used. Now, the simplest way is to keep in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, or more carefully, people make sandworm sauce and eat with boiled meat.

In Hanoi, if one can not afford to buy sandworm for home-made processing, they can come to some restaurants in Hang Chieu, Gia Ngu or Lo Duc street. Some popular address for sandworm dishes in Hanoi:

1. No. 1 Hang Chieu Street
2. 25 Gia Ngu Street
3. 244 Lo Duc Street

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